Taste the rainbow… literally

A common slogan we’re used to hearing all the time… skittles, taste the rainbow.  Unfortunately this blog isn’t actually about skittles but it is still extremely beneficial for you to know. Studies suggest that the foods we eat should be in a variety of colors. This is beneficial to our health. Once you think about it, it seems pretty obvious.

The nasty junk foods we eat all lack those rich hues of color that many healthy foods seem to have. I myself am no health freak but this certainly gets you thinking about your diet. It has been proven that “the key to a healthy plate is color.” It’s actually an easy and fun way to diversify your menu while being healthy at the same time. Although a nice big burger and fries may seem appealing to the eye it is much better to base your diet on the wide color spectrum. Whether that be a red apple, orange carrots, green spinach, yellow corn, purple eggplant, or any other foods that fall under the wide variety of colors in the rainbow.

“The foods that do the most damage to our cells and long-term health—sugar, flour, and processed carbohydrates—are devoid of vivid color” It is recommended to try to hit each of the colors of the rainbow every day for a well balanced healthy diet. This will not only lead to a more lean, better looking body but also a stronger immune system, lower risk of certain cancers, healthier heart, better memory, and will help build stronger bones and teeth.

When you take in to consideration how well you want your body to function as you age you need to keep your health as your top priority. To do that you need to start with your diet. If not for the nutrients you receive from your intake of fruits and vegetables your body will begin to function less and less effectively at a younger age. As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So to keep it simple just remember this.. when in doubt, eat the rainbow. I hope this information turned out to be beneficial to you. Here is more information about foods you can eat to broaden your color spectrum of foods.





1 thought on “Taste the rainbow… literally

  1. Jacklyn Nicole Hucke

    As a kid, I hated vegetables and the only fruit I ate were apples. I was very picky when it came to snack and meal time. Vegetables never looked appetizing to me. Eventually, fruits started growing more on me. Watermelon, pears, strawberries, and apples were my favorite. Actually, only this past year I started eating salads! Now I love all the colorful vegetables that go into a salad, but I don’t like dressing. I guess one can say that’s a good thing because dressing is extremely fattening. But ever since I started eating salad, I feel healthier and more energetic than before. And now that you mention it, I rarely get sick!

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