Why alcohol should be illegal pt. 2

Not only does alcohol cause harm to individuals, it is a huge problem in our communities. Multiple studies have shown that alcohol increases the risk for violent and aggressive behavior among its users. The Journal of Addictive Behaviors reported that “alcohol is clearly the drug with the most evidence to support a direct intoxication-violence relationship,”. If that fact is not enough for you, Mr. Corman here is one more. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that 25-30% of violent crimes in the United States are linked to the use of alcohol. According to a report from the U.S. Dept. of Justice, that translates to about 5,000,000 alcohol-related violent crimes per year. Let me repeat that, 5,000,000 crimes. That is 5,000,000 crimes that we potentially could have stopped if we took this situation more seriously. Alcohol is also a major player in domestic and sexual abuse. A study conducted by the Research Institute on Addictions found that among individuals who were chronic partner abusers, the use of alcohol was associated with significant increases in the daily likelihood of male-to-female physical aggression. What this tells me is that partner abusers are abusers because of alcohol. We need to make alcohol related laws a one strike system to stop instances like this. By doing this, users will be afraid to drink in excess because of the fear of severe penalties. Since the people of this country will be afraid to drink too much, the number of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and violent crimes will all decrease.


My last point I want to bring up is the legalities of marijuana and alcohol. By doing so I hope to strengthen my argument that alcohol related laws need to be much more strict in the state of Pennsylvania. Like I said earlier I am only bringing this to your attention to tighten the laws related to alcohol. I am not lobbying for marijuana legalization. I am just comparing the two so I can show why we need to take alcohol more seriously. Right now in Pennsylvania marijuana is illegal and alcohol is easily attainable. Marijuana has never taken a single soul according toThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet, alcohol takes as many lives as we have students on my campus at Penn State. Mr. Corman, why have we not done anything about this obvious problem? Alcohol can push people to do things they normally would not have done. Alcohol can cause people to crash their car into an unsuspecting family. Alcohol is the reason for so many families losses yet we have not done anything to stop the problem. I hope that we can turn a page in our history and focus on this issue a little more.

Senator Corman I am writing to you for help. I came to you today for your help in solving a problem that has plagued our country for too long. In the United States of America our citizens have the right to feel safe. We try protect our people from terrorism, but a problem that takes more of our citizens lives is alcoholism. Thousands of people die every single year yet we have not changed our laws to meet the changing times. Nowadays it is cool to binge drink until you are passed out, and while that all sounds fun, drastic consequences occur because of drunk peoples mind state. Alcohol is one of the most toxic drugs a human can consume, and we need to take this problem much more seriously. The health of the citizens of Pennsylvania and of the United States of America should be our first concern. Alcohol laws need to be more strict for three main reasons. The citizens of our country should be our first concern. So my first reason for making alcohol more strict is that it is very harmful for consumers (citizens). Secondly, alcohol is more harmful to the communities in our state and country than other drugs. Alcohol cause thousands of dollars in property damage along with contributing to domestic and sexual abuse. Not only is alcohol a major cause of abuse in our communities, it also causes a countless number of violent and deadly crimes across the nation and more importantly in our state of Pennsylvania. Finally, I compared the legalities of alcohol and marijuana to show you why alcohol needs to have stricter laws placed on it. In this great nation we have a system to take down criminals and lawbreakers. Alcohol is a serial murderer, and murderers need to be brought to justice.



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