Lets BULK up!

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Planning on bulking up for the winter? Plan on slimming down for the summer? Society is constantly striving to change their appearance, a lot of the time, to look better and ultimately to feel better!

It’s no secret that there are countless amounts of supplements available to the public and it’s also no secret that there are countless amounts of people using them incorrectly. One supplement in particular is protein powder. This supplement is known as the “building block” supplement for most nutrition and training programs. Protein powder is sold in such a manner that it appeals to many buyers. With a wide variety of options/flavors- the brands make it easy for everyone to find one that they like!

Protein powder is known to help weight lifters or heavy gym goers gain the weight that they need to gain the body that they want. However, if not used correctly or in a strict manner, the supplement isn’t able to perform it’s job.  Muscles use protein as a source of fuel and repair. When finishing a strenuous session at the gym, your muscles are torn- only slightly but, torn nonetheless. The main indicator of a good workout is the soreness you feel afterwards. Studies have shown that when protein is taken between 20 minutes after your workout, it goes straight to those torn muscles and helps to repair and rebuild therefore helping to increase the size and strength of those muscles. With continuous and constant use of the protein powder along with continuous weight lifting, you will be able to pursue those goals you are after.

So what about the rest of the human population who could care less about weightlifting and who have never been interested in a gym membership? Do these supplements appear to them as well? Well the answer to that is OF COURSE they do! Protein is essential in the human diet and allows our bodies to function properly. The protein we consume is used to repair and form new cells and is important for our growth and development. The protein is broken down into amino acids which the body needs in large amounts to maintain good health.

“Protein supplements are often recommended by physicians after a patient has undergone surgery, to speed up the healing process. Protein powders are commonly used by vegetarians or vegans who are not getting enough protein from their diet without meat.”






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  1. Jesenia A Munoz Post author

    I understand that meats and dairies that people consume may be enough for our body but as I stated in my post, doctors do recommend it to vegetarians who do not consume such foods and to people who may have undergone surgeries as the protein would aid their recovery by rebuilding their cells in a quicker manner. Here’s a link to “why protein is important” and a recipe to a recommended post surgery protein shake. http://bariatric.templehealth.org/content/Protein.htm

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