Born Gay?


According to this website, my sexual orientation (bisexual) could be due to the structure of my DNA or certain exposures in my environment. I’ve never thought there was a “gay” trait. Before I was molested by a female, I’ve never thought of females sexually. Might I add, William Byne, Director of the Laboratory of Neuroanatomy and Morphometrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, stated in his 1995 Journal of Homosexuality article “”While some authors have speculated about the existence of ‘genes for homosexuality,’ genes in themselves cannot directly specify any behavior or cognitive schema.” Also, Jeffrey Satinover, Founder and former Director of the Sterling Institute for Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, wrote in his article “The Gay Gene?”: “There is not any evidence that shows that homosexuality is ‘genetic’, and none of the research itself claims there is. Only the press and, sadly, certain researchers do…Homosexuality may run in families but you get viruses from your parents, too, and some bad habits. Not everything that is familial is innate or genetic.”
Based on my findings, “gayness” does not have any relationship with the structure of your DNA. People who agree with me might also agree being gay is a choice. Some scientist have concluded this choice must’ve had something to do with bad parenting styles or maybe peer pressure and in every case that is not true. My parents have had no influence on my decision. In all honesty I have excluded their opinions totally from it. In addition to that, I definitely wasn’t brain washed by any of my friends. I was the first one in my group of friends to admit this and they were all shocked. Personally, I think my sexual orientation is based on my environment/experience with sexual abuse and to me that seems the only logical reason.
The hormones come after. When I decided in my mind I was attracted to the opposite sex, messenger molecules stemmed from my mind that I have never initiated or experienced before my first experience with another woman.  So if this “gay” piece of DNA is existing, why haven’t I released these same chemicals earlier? Say from the time of accountability to before my experience. Why did it start all of a sudden after my experience?

The American Psychiatric Association concludes my dilemma can be defined as “faulty psychological development,” but I would like to emphasize nothing before my experience psychologically made me sexually or even remotely think of woman pass “My friend, Leslie, is super pretty.” Furthermore, I would like to point out the website writes “However, to date there are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological etiology for homosexuality.” The association further concluded no exact psychosocial evidence or family structure factors have been the cause of same-sex relationships.


2 thoughts on “Born Gay?

  1. Nicole Avila

    I agree that you are born gay, someone who is gay doesn’t wake up one day and decide to be gay and then choose to not be gay the week after. I don’t necessarily agree that there’s a gene, but I do think that there are hormones in your body that make you feel a certain way about the same sex. Having a couple of gay family members, they’ve always been gay, since birth. However, there are people who are gay and no one notices until they’re much older, but then there’s also the opposite that happens– they know they’re gay since a very young age.

  2. Alex Seth Blankman

    According to scientists there may be a gay gene. I feel it is not a choice that is made throughout ones life, if it was, then like choosing a flavor a gatorade you could pick what you are in the mood for. Someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight cannot change their minds on what they are in the mood for that day. People must live with whatever gene (whether it is a visible one or not) they end up with throughout their lives. It is more prominent in some people in comparison to others.

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