Whats better for you: Treadmill or Running outside

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Is running on a treadmill just as beneficial or more beneficial than running outside? Or is one more harmful then the other? Some scientific research has show that running on the treadmill is basically the same as running outside. Actually, there are some workouts that can be done better on a treadmill than outside. Although, running on a treadmill can be extremely boring and can cause shin splints faster than running outside. So I believe that running on a treadmill and running outdoors have the same affects.

Some benefits of running on a treadmill vs outdoors:

1. Can run when the weather is bad

2.Simulating race courses while indoors-

3. Fluid and Carbohydrate intake

Benefits of running outside vs Indoors:

1. Can not learn how to pace yourself on a treadmill

2.Treadmill is boring




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5 thoughts on “Whats better for you: Treadmill or Running outside

  1. Joseph Daniel Girardi

    As a person who hates doing cardio, I dislike both options. But if I had to choose one I’d prefer to run outside. This is mainly because I can run with someone else who is faster then me and can push me to run harder. Another reason why I believe running outside is better is because the treadmill is extremely bad for your knees.
    You should check this article out.


  2. Alyssa Marie Gregory

    Interesting topic. I personally work out myself and prefer to run inside on the treadmill instead. I feel as though more studies need to be done before we come to a conclusion on which is really “better.” When we think of better we need to also think of if something is safer does that make it better? With that being said is running on a treadmill safer than running outside. While running outside we run into issues such as weather, uneven grounds , and unpredictable obstacles. While inside we know our surroundings and know that we will not get struck by lightening. We have more control. Given that the treadmill is a bit safer does that make it “better?” If we are looking at which has a better work out this is a bit subjective given it depends on how much effort you put into both work outs. You could go hard on a treadmill but give a lazy run outside and your results from working out inside will come out better ( this would contradict scientists findings that working outside is better/healthier for you.) Check out this article backing up my argument http://oeshshoes.com/2014/01/my-scientific-personal-advice-for-treadmill-training/

  3. Jenna Rae Stoklosa

    I prefer to run outside also. I feel as though I can run for a longer amount of time if I am outside, and not on a treadmill at the gym. After looking into this topic further, I learned that if you have to run on a treadmill vs running outdoors, then you should set the treadmill at a 1% incline. This makes up for the lack of wind resistance that one would find when running outside, and making the workout just as beneficial as if you were to be running outside.


  4. Olivia Yvette Noble

    I was actually about to write about this topic. I did some little research at first and I found that many studies said that when a person runs outside, they learn how to pace yourself rather than running on a treadmill. There is something about the outside that helps with pacing yourself such as the wind outside sometimes. On a treadmill it can be a little different because you have nothing that could stop you from running. This was an interesting post, but for me personally I would rather run outside because I like the scenery of things and I get more bored running on a treadmill. Great post!

  5. Brittney Christina Falcon

    I found this topic to be very interesting as a runner myself. Personally I enjoy running outside more and according to the article that I have provided a link for below, it may actually be the better option. A few studies have found an increased amount of calories burned in those who run outside, but other studies contradict those finding too. As with many other topics, more research needs to be done in order to truly find out which is better or if they really are equal as you suggest.


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