Is too much technology bad for the brain?

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Is too much technology bad for the brain? According to there are 9 top ways technology affects mental health. “1.Sleep-Using technology late at night can affect your sleep patterns and cause a sleeping disorder. 2.Depression- People who feel the need to have their cell phones were more likely to report depressive mental health symptoms. 3. Addiciton- The amount of times technology abusers check their gadgets are just enough to trigger the addiction- oriented parts of our brains. 4. 24/7 stress- Our brain don’t get the chance to de-stress and unwind form the days activities, so our brains get stuck in stress mode 24/7. 5. FOMO aka ” Fear of Missing Out”- The popularity of social media and sharing everything has led to this new sensation where everyone from middle schoolers to working adults feel the pressure to attend every event and share every experience. 6. Isolation- Excessive technology use can lead to feelings of isolation or the eventual isolation of a person due to so much time spent with technology as opposed to making real connections aka human friends. 7. Incivility- Research has shown that with the ascent of internet and technology use, rudeness and incivility on social media sites has also increased. 8. Insecurity- Social media, and constant access to it through out phones, tablets and laptops means we are constantly plugged into what everyone is doing. 9. Anxiety- Social media on our gadgets can give us anxiety about everything from FOMO to fear that our life is not interesting enough. ”

In Conclusion, I think that technology is bad for the brain because people let it take over. They let their phones do the talking through text, they let the phone find directions through map quest and so on and so on. With regards to ” FOMO”, technology messes with the brain and can cause extreme anxiety.

4 thoughts on “Is too much technology bad for the brain?

  1. Dutt Patel

    I disagree with this article. Technology is great, it helps every activities get even easier. Although I understand the point you are trying to make is that: when using technology, we are not using our brain and therefore technology is bad. But, as long as you are not completely dependent on technology, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

  2. Colin Patrick Mcknight

    I agree with this article because although technology is very beneficial you can’t deny the negative health affects that come with it, personally, I attribute my messed up sleeping schedule to my technology use. In regards to what Joseph said, the benefits that come with technology are undeniable, but you can’t disagree with the negatives that come with them just because it has benefits. That’s like saying drugs are good because some allow people to get more done and make them feel good, well there are also many negatives that come along with them.

  3. Elizabeth Ann Dixon

    I agree that too much technology is bad for the brain. As you mentioned, it can make you addicted, people may start having a fear of missing out and other factors. Even though it my takeover our lives a little bit, I think it has helped with social and business aspects. You can connect with thousands of people and companies that you would’t be able to without it. Once again, coin that can take over our lives a little bit but it certainly makes things easier and more efficient.

  4. Joseph Daniel Girardi

    I disagree a bit with this post because I believe technology can be a very beneficial tool. You have unlimited information available at your finger tips. Not everyone uses technology for games, entertainment, and social media. Technology can be utilized any way we want. It’s up to us to use it to our advantage. So don’t blame technology for causing those problems, blame the people using it.

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