The Science Behind Multiples

Nowadays, twins and triplets are becoming much more popular. Some people say twins skip a generation and multiples run in the family. I agree with this because usually when a family has a set of twins, somewhere else in the family, there is another. One in about eighty pregnancies results in twins. There is a science behind getting pregnant with twins, even though many people think it is just luck. Twins can be formed from three different ways. In one case, twins can be formed when multiple eggs are released during one ovulation, and both of these eggs are fertilized. With this, these twins would be fraternal twins, where they won’t look alike. On the other hand, when one egg splits and both parts are fertilized, identical twins will be formed. This can be done with or without fertility drugs, even though fertility drugs may make conceiving twins easier. The third way to conceive twins is through IVF, which is fertility treatments. For this, there are usually three or more fertilized eggs that are put into the uterus, which from here, there is hope that any of these eggs will attach and start to form. Sometimes, multiple eggs will attach and this is how twins are formed. Here is a picture of an ultrasound of twins.

In order to discover twins, the doctor looks at the ultrasound and either hears two heartbeats or sees two babies. Although twins may be discovered, there is also a chance of a syndrome called Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Unfortunately, when this occurs, one twin stops growing. This twin will either be absorbed into the mother’s body or is born a still born when the other twin is born. In some rare cases, one twin is not discovered until birth, when the mother is surprised when she has not just one baby, but two.

Twins and triplets only account for about three percent of births and identical twins account for about one third of births. Nowadays, twins are much more common than they used to be. This is predicted to be due to the up and coming fertility treatments. Many women have been taking fertility drugs in order to help them conceive quicker, which in turn, they are having multiples or twins. It has been proven that if you are given a fertility treatment, whether it is IVF or ICSI, you are about twenty times more likely to have a multiple baby pregnancy. This is because these drugs stimulate your ovaries, causing a greater likelihood of more eggs to be released when a woman ovulates. Fertility drugs are obviously not the only cause behind twins or multiples, but they definitely play a big part. The lifestyle choices of the woman and her size also matter as well.

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