Coffee is good!



I can’t start by day without a cup of coffee, there I said it, I think I have kind of an addiction to coffee. If I don’t have my daily cup of coffee the chances that I’ll be in a really bad mood for the rest of the day are huge. I drink so much coffee that I started asking myself ¬†whether coffee was healthy for me or not.

Researchers say that drink in coffee could be healthy and that it could prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Based on over 15 studies, the relationship between Type 2 diabetes and coffee is reliable. Frank Hu, MD, MPH, PhD, nutrition and epidemiology professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, reviewed 9 studies, which showed the relationship between Type 2 diabetes and coffee drinkers. People that drank coffee were in between 28% and 35% of less risk of getting type 2 diabetes. We see a strong correlation in this, it doesn’t mean that drinking coffee causes you not to have type 2 diabetes. It could also be due to chance, since there were’t many studies and they were not that big, there could be a huge possibility that is due to chance.

caffeineWhat about the coffee makes it healthy? Is not just the coffee, is the nutrients that the coffee contains. Despite the caffeine controversy, that disrupts your sleep, coffee overall is good, maybe not in excess, but is pretty good. Something that I learn throughout the blogs and the class is that everything in excess is bad, even water.

Some college students drink coffee to stay awake during the night because they have to study. I would recommend trying other stuff to stay awake, because you might get addicted to coffee and then that would be really bad for you health. Even to the point that you might not be able to fall asleep during the night.


3 thoughts on “Coffee is good!

  1. Ha Young Kim

    Great post. I actually wrote a blog about caffeine, if it really wakes you up and other interesting factors of it. As you know, coffee contains caffeine, so I want to add little bit more. Coffee (specifically caffeine) increases the memory and lowers lowers the Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is type of dementia that causes a problem in remembering things. Drinking caffeinated drinks also help anxious people to clam their edgy feelings and relax.
    Check this video for more information:

  2. Macy Elizabeth Cellitti

    You never specified, but I’m assuming you were referring to plain black coffee throughout your post. Do things like cream and sugar hinder coffee’s benefits or make them less effective? In other words, does coffee only help protect against Type 2 diabetes if it’s black? I’m mostly wondering because I cannot stand black coffee and always have to add cream and sugar to it. I would have loved to know more details throughout your post, like what specific nutrients are in coffee that make it healthy. Thanks for the post!

  3. Olivia Diane Talbot

    Interesting post. I am not a coffee addict but I know many people who are. One negative side effect for coffee addicts is discoloration of the teeth. Some parents teeth are filled with stains because of the excess amounts of coffee they’ve had in their life. That makes me wonder, is it really worth it? Despite some physical side effects of the whole coffee thing, doesn’t it increase your heart rate as well? (I don’t know the answer to that, do you?). It would only make sense, because it keeps you going. Great post and would love to know more about it.

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