Sprite gives you energy

Sprites are a great source of energy. No not the sprite that you drink, the sprites that are found in the sky. After discussing these sprites briefly in class I was unaware of what they were and I was intrigued into doing some research. What I found is that a sprite is an electromagnetic charge that can be found in the atmosphere above a lightning storm. They occur in different magnitudes, meaning some can be brighter than others. Another interesting fact is that they occur in different colors. Some can be bright white like regular lightning and some can be bright red.

The first sighting of sprites occurred slightly over one hundred years ago. Believe it or not sprites were discovered accidentally. Although we have known about them for over a hundred years, due to lack of technology it is not until recently that people have begun conducting some research on this interesting phenomenon.

To be exact, sprites occur directly above the cumulonimbus cloud of an ongoing lightning storm. Because sprites occur so quickly, they are hard to be detected and are almost invisible to the naked eye. To put into context just how fast these sprites are, a lightning bolt during a regular thunderstorm is visible for just about .5 (Half) seconds. When a sprite occurs, it is only visible for .001 (one one-thousandth) seconds. They occur in different shapes, some of which ironically have been compared to the shape of a jellyfish

Because they take place so rapidly, special cameras capable of slowing down speeds must be used to document them. Even with these cameras, you must be in the perfect storm condition and at a high enough altitude to get any results. Even a large size ranging  from 30-40 Kilometers long, witnessing one of these is a tough task to complete.





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