Creepy Creature

A fisherman recently caught a weird sea creature in of the coast of the SIngaporean island of Pulau Ubin. The fisherman said, “I know that area has a lot of seaweed, so I thought that was what I had hooked up,” 53-year-old Ramlan Saim told Singapore’s English-language newspaper The Straits Times. “But then when I put it on the boat it started to move like an alien.”

The bizarre creature is recognized as a basket star, an invertebrate related to the starfish. Doesn’t quite look like one to me! Basket stars start out with five arms,  from which smaller appendages sprout over over time. The creatures can re-grow their limbs — which have small sharp hooks on them to capture prey — if someone or something breaks them off. Imagine if humans could regrow their arms!

Discoveries like this make me so curious to know what other creatures are out in the world that we haven’t found yet an

d are spending years upon years searching for. I hope we find a creature soon that could help us with even a little problem that is very popular in the world. That’d be awesome.


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  1. nao5072

    This is very interesting. I wonder as time goes on will this animal be utilized for the biological advancement of humans.

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