I believe I can fly

As a young kid, we all aspired to one day have super powers. At that young age we would do just about anything to have super powers. Some of us wanted to have super strength. Some of us wanted to have super speed. Some of us wanted to have the power of invisibility. But there is one power that we all wished we had, the power to fly. With the new development in technology that may be possible. People have found a way to create a fully functioning hover board.

If you don’t know exactly what a hover board is, it is a long board similar to a skateboard that floats over the surface of the ground and is capable of carrying a person. Right now it is still in its developing phase so it can only hover a couple of inches off of the ground. Even so who would’ve thought that this device seen only in movies would actually be a part of our reality some day? With the rapidly developing technology that we have today, the sky is the limit for this product.

The way the board itself works is that it is equipped with big magnets on its underside. “Along with the use of the hover magnetic electromagnets underneath the hover board, it enables the board to propel and stay propelled above the ground indefinitely. Because of the conflict between the magnets and the magnetic energy within our plant, it forces the hover board to resist the surface of the earth and maintain airborne.” Because it is currently relying on the power of the magnetic fields created under the board, it is only able to hover over metallic surfaces.

These hover boards look like they were taken directly out of a scene from the movie Back To The Future 2. Unfortunately because it is only a prototype there are still a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. One of its downsides is its weight, which is almost a whopping 100 pounds. Another negative is that it currently can only hover mere inches off the ground. On a better note this product has a lot of upside. In its future models it is sure to see some outstanding developments such as a lighter, more controllable board. Over time it should even be able to hover at a higher distance off of the ground. Although it is still not available to us, the hover board is visible in our near future.




2 thoughts on “I believe I can fly

  1. ibg5025

    It goes without a doubt that the market would be huge if a working and practical hover board was invented. Although this invention would lead to many new possibilities, it would also be subject to harsh weather conditions. It would not be that practical to ride a hover board in a thunder storm or when it was snowing. Also if the hover board is available to everyone, will it really be considered anything special.http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/aviation/why-dont-we-have-hoverboards-15363707

  2. Douglas Matthew Leeson

    A hover board sounds sweet! Here (http://www.martinjetpack.com/) is another childhood fantasy in its early stages of coming true: a jetpack. I wonder what their cultural impacts will be? Beyond transportation obviously, imagine these whole new industries affecting the economy, or being inserted realistically into movies/tv. Science can really affect so many fields.

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