Milk: Just Right? Too Much?


No one believes me when I say I didn’t drink milk as a child or as an infant. I was put on formula as an infant and never had milk for as long as I can remember. And literally no one believes me when I say I had Gatorade in my bottle. So how did I turn out normal?

Researchers are saying that too much milk is ultimately bad for kids. It is said that it is bad for iron levels. Dr. Jonathon Maguire, a researcher at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, started a study that observed 1,300 kids, ages 2-5. They measured many third variables such as how much time they spent outside, their skin pigmentation, their body mass index, and whether they drank from bottles. The children who drank more milk were found to have higher levels of Vitamin D and lower levels of iron found by samples of their blood.

After this study, the researchers found a breakeven point of two cups of milk to balance out the Vitamin D and iron. This is much different from what most parents actually practice.

This study is observational and also takes third variables into consideration. Some may say that this experiment could suffer slightly from the Texas Sharp Shooter problem, measuring various things and of course something will be found. Although this does not explain why I have never drank milk and still have low iron, but my case is only one anecdote.


6 thoughts on “Milk: Just Right? Too Much?

  1. Katelyn Ann Estelow

    I also rarely drank milk. I was given formula and only drank one cup of milk when my preschool made me (which lasted 1 year). I don’t drink milk today and never use it for my cereal. I choose to consume dairy in other ways. I’m glad that my choice is not unhealthy! My doctors never worried about my lack of consumption of milk anyway. It seems like you can get all the same benefits of drinking milk from just consuming dairy.

  2. Alexandra Elisabeth Monahan

    Hmmm what was the reasoning behind your parents giving you Gatorade instead of the typical drink that all babies are given? Are there any positive things that come out of drinking Gatorade as a baby? I was surprised to read that milk is not good for babies, after all that’s the typical drink that they are given. Like you said the results could suffer from the Texas Sharp Shooter problem. I feel as if milk is not that bad because if it was many moms would not be giving it to their babies. They want what is best for their kids and I am sure that many moms research the effects that milk has on their children and I personally feel if it was bad many less people would be giving it to their babies. Check out this website on the positive effects that milk has on babies:

  3. Douglas Matthew Leeson

    I’d never heard of too much milk being a bad thing, and now I’m a little anxious — my parents were and are huge on my family having lots of milk. It’s one of those subjects I wouldn’t think to look into, because it just seems like a universal truth. I wonder if any observational studies exist that could compare our two upbringings however. Is my milk-laden upbringing (and possible low-levels of iron) preferable or not compared to a milkless diet (and potentially softer bones)?

  4. Aleksandra Eva Kolliopoulos

    That is so funny that your drank Gatorade instead of milk! I was a little confused as to what the study down was supposed to show or prove. What was the hypotheses for about this study? Did the results agree with this hypothesis? This study would be more compelling if it had gone into depth about it’s hypothesis and if it had measured the third variables. One last question, what is it about milk that makes it so healthy to drink? Do babies actually benefit by drinking milk over any host job. Here is an article with more information what milk is so healthy for you

  5. Marissa Alexandra Rapaport

    Very interesting article as it goes against a very popular belief. You mention that most parents give their kids more than two cups of milk per day. Would you happen to know the average amount of milk a parent gives their child? Also does it say where these 1,300 kids are from, as in, are they from different environments?

  6. Brittney Ann Strazza

    Milk depletes the calcium from bones! Not sure if you knew but calcium is an acid neutralizer. The place in human bodies where the most calcium is stored in in the bones. When a person drinks milk, the calcium found in bones is used to neutralize the acid. Once calcium is pulled out of the bones, it leaves the body so milk actually leads to the loss of calcium. If you would like to read more on this issue, check this out!

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