One and the Same

Have you ever just wondered about twins?  They shared the womb, what else do they share?  By this I mean is there some type of telepathy that each twin experiences.  I, personally, am not a twin but there are multiple sets in my family.  I was always curious if they had some type of “magic” way of communication.  Many twins display unbelievably similar qualities I feel this is definitely possible on some type of level.

It is believed that some twins are more likely to have this telepathy trait than others.  This is said to be linked to how soon the egg splits.  “Usually this takes place a day or two after fertilisation, but division can take place up to twelve days…it now seems likely that the later the division, the closer the bond.”  With this being said, it looks like telepathy in “identical” twins is more likely than that of “fraternal”.  Although this might be true, there is a chance that twins of any kind never experience anything like this.  Some twins grow to hate each other in extreme cases and have little to no contact.  On there hand some twins are inseparable.

In 1979 at the University of Minnesota some twin research had begun.  Here they studied “twins who had been separated at birth and reunited later”. “What the researchers found was that there were often remarkable similarities between the twins’ personalities, likes and dislikes, skills, hobbies, etc. – indications of what is known as concordance. They never found any evidence of telepathy, however.”  Although results were not in favor of some type of telepathy existing, research done by others had more exciting results.

One being a journal entry written by John Wesley in 1781 “about a woman who had a twin sister “between whom and her there is so strange a sympathy that if either of them is ill, or particularly affected at any time, the other is so likewise.””

Another being research done by ophthalmologists in Philadelphia in 1963.  “They claimed that when alpha brain rhythm was artificially induced in one twin, the brainwave chart (EEG) of the other one showed the same rhythm at exactly the same time.”

The most interesting conducted at Rockland State Hospital in New York in 1967 where they were “using a plethysmograph to measure blood volume, and were able to conclude that “in a physically isolated subject, we have observed physiological reactions at the precise moment at which another [twin] was stimulated.””

Most of this information seems to be in favor of there being some type of telepathy but there is not certain answer.  There isn’t much research being done on the subject and I find it to be a very interesting topic.  These results were all gathered many years ago and I feel that if conducted today there may be different results.  There is no telling what one is capable of doing with todays technology.  All in all it looks like many twins have some type of special bond.  We’re not positive its telepathy, but there is an overwhelming amount of instances this could be true.  What do you think?  Can twins have some supernatural way of communicating?  To read a bit further on the topic check this article out, Twin Telepathy: Is there a ‘Special Connection’?.


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5 thoughts on “One and the Same

  1. Rachel M Arndt

    I have never had twins in my family, but have always been interested to see how they work. There are always stereotypes in tv shows and movies showing the different interactions between the two individuals. This blog did a really nice job going in depth. Telepathy does not sound like an easy thing to calculate but these reports sure do sound close.

  2. Cheyenne Rae Hess

    I agree that this topic is crazy to think about. It seems crazy that there are twins who can have so much in common and yet still be there own person. This makes me wonder if there is a difference in the connection in the womb between two sisters or two brothers and how that compares to the connection between a girl and a boy. I know two twins that I went to high school with who were identical, but barely had anything in common and did not think the same way. Senior year I dated a guy who had a twin sister and it was shocking how similarly him and his sister thought, and they would always say the same things at the same time. Although I could not find a study specific to what I was questioning, I did find an interesting discussion that states male twins reduce the fitness of female co-twins! Seems like that’s unfortunate for the girls!
    male twins reduce the fitness of female co-twins

  3. ayd5332

    This is a crazy topic to think about, but I definitely feel twins have some sort of special connection. There are twins in my family and they became pregnant at the same time without planning anything. They then gave birth on the same day, so I did some research to see if I could find any story similar to theirs! I found this link!
    Of course, as you mentioned in your post, this does not prove anything because many third variables could be possible here. However, it definitely is a possibility that twins do in fact have some sort of telepathy or special connection.

  4. cmh5996

    I have always been very fascinated by twins. They do not run in my family so I have never been exposed to them except for when I got to school. My graduating class has three sets of twins, two were identical and one were fraternal. The beginning of high school I found it very difficult to tell the difference between the identical twins. As I developed better relationships with them, it then became easier to tell the difference. Although I had difficulty with it, Health Magazine shows how it can be possible to tell the difference between them!

  5. Alex Seth Blankman

    I am an only child but have been friends with my best friend for 15 years and he is an only child too. So while obviously not twins we have spent a lot of time together since the young age of four. A lot of the time we want to do the same things or will “read each others minds.” This blog made me think if that was an accident or maybe there is some proof behind it, turns out there is some proof. Turns out according to the study on the link below, best friends can push up to 35% on things they both think about. Of course, this could also be accredited to just being friends for so long and having so much in common.

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