Food and Cancer Continued:

Following up on my last blog post, here are asome foods you eat every day without realize the very harmful effects it has on your body.

1) Microwave popcorn:

It is quite obvious that microwaves themselves can be harmful on the body, but what we put into them can be just as bad and make the situation that much worse. According to National Health News and Discoveries, microwaveable popcorn bags are “…lined with a chemical called perfluoroctanoic acid ( PFOA) […] According to a recent study at the University of California, PFOA is linked to infertility in women” Numerous studies have been done on lab animals and humans and results show that too much exposure to PFOA can ‘significantly’ increases the risk of kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas and testicular cancers.

2) Canned tomatoes:

Actually, all canned foods are generally bad for you because the inside of the can in lined with bisphenol-A. A study done on rats by the National Academy of Sciences showed that this chemical has effects the way gened work inside the brain. The reason why tomatoes are so bad is because they are so acidic which breaks down the inside of the can which leeks these toxins into the food. According to National Academy of Sciences, “The level of BPA can be so high in fact; you should seriously consider not feeding them to children” (Natural Health News and Discoveries).

3) Potato chips: 

High in both fat and calories, this snack causes significant weight gain, high sodium levels, and high blood pressure. While these are all soft end points, they lead to hard endpoints later on in life. They are made with artificial flavors, numerous preservatives and colors, and cooked at high temperatures which creates a material called acrylamide; a known carcinogen found also in cigarretts (Natural Health News and Discoveries).

4) Highly processed white flowers:

Mills are now doing something they have never before done; bleaching flower with chlorine gas; a chemical that can be lethal when inhaled at a high dose. According to the EPA, “White processed flour has a very high glycemic rate which quickly raises the blood sugar level and insulin levels, which can be a direct cause of diabetes, not to mention it is believed that it spreads cancer cells by feeding the cells directly” (Natural Health News and Discoveries).

5) Artificial sweeteners:

Setting aside the fact that these sweeteners do not actually help lose weight, but instead cause weight gain, when broken down, they create a deadly toxin called DKP. When your stomach produces this chemical, it is also increases chemicals that cause cancers; especially brain tumors (Natural Health News and Discoveries).

6) Red meat:

A study done over the course of ten years shows that is the average man eats even a small amount of red meat each day increases his chance of dying of cancer every day by 22%. There way be other confounding factors that contribute to this, however, there are strong links between the two.

Experiments, and observations have found that these and many other foods that we may think are not harmful, are actually going to kill us in the long run. This link gives 15 additional daily cancerous foods that the average joe eats every day. Have a look.



2 thoughts on “Food and Cancer Continued:

  1. Xiaotong Wang

    I like your topic! Because in these days, my geography class are working on organic food, I then got huge interested in daily foods we ate. Like you said in the post, today, a lot of food we ate are unhealthy but cheap, in King’s geog class we call it ” food desert”, which is saying that sometimes people cannot find healthy foods around them, like huge supermarkets which sell fresh vegetables and fruits, they have to eat unhealthy food instead. Another thinking is that people eat those unhealthy food because they have no choice. The monoculture in these days leave people no power to choose what they want to eat, because all of them are the same! In the end of King’s class, he gave the class a suggestion that ” the things your ancestor choose not to eat are the things you should avoid to eat”.

  2. jvh5620

    I agree with you that we should know the everyday foods we eat that can have a harmful effete on us. What types of experiments have been done to find out that these particular foods are bad for the body? Are these just harmful effects on women and their bodies or on all types of bodies and genders? According to this website :,,20307363,00.html, there are worse foods than the ones posted. In a way, I think microwaveable popcorn is somewhat good for you because it comes with a specific amount of food in it and usually the person does not eat more than what comes in it.
    In a way, everything can cause cancer and not just food. A water bottle that sits in a car all day can cause cancer, the sun can cause cancer.. etc.

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