Is Vaping the Answer?


Since the beginning of the semester, I have noticed the increase in those who are using vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, hookah pens, and other types of devices that are vaporizers. This made me curious if these types of devices are actually healthier than directly smoking tobacco, or marijuana products using the traditional types of mechanisms. My research led me to many mixed studies where many praised the pros of using a vaporizer, but on the contrary there were many scientists that were very critical of potential intake of toxins. Vaporizers work by heating tobacco or marijuana to a temperature that is hot enough to evaporate the active ingredients, but cool enough to avoid burning. As a result, people who vaporize are not exposed to as many toxins that are found when people smoke it.

According to Science Daily, vaporizers are known to eliminate the intake of harmful toxins. Studies show that the burning of marijuana is linked to the creation of 100 harmful toxins where many are considered cancer causing toxins. Another positive of using a vaporizer is safer for your lungs. Since vaporizing is generally new, there are no long term studies that can technically prove this, but there have been some experts to show that vaping is better for your lungs than smoking. Vaping also gives faster relief to those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Since they can control the doses easier and the lungs absorb cannabinoids in a matter of seconds, providing almost instant relief when cannabis vapor is inhaled. Finally vaping comes along with fewer side effects.  According to a large study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine ranked vaporizers the highest side effect satisfaction.

Even though I found a lot of positive feedback and research on the use of vaporizers for medicinal marijuana, there were a lot of negative feed back on the use of electronic cigarettes. According to WebMD News, E cigs vapor produces particles that users suck deep into their lungs, potentially causing or worsening respiratory diseases. Norman Edleman who is senior medical adviser for the American Lung Association, condones the use of E Cigarettes and says it is not a safe option. They have found traces of formaldehyde and other toxins from the use of the e cigarette.

Smoking is never a good alternative, but according to my research it seems like the use of vaporizer has its benefits and seems to be a little safer than the traditional smoking tactic. Even though this use of smoking is relatively new, many scientists have found revolutionary benefits, and have found results which could conclude that it may be healthier for you than smoking. Sure there maybe variables that go along with this, but vaporizers maybe the future of smoking.


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