Are girls more self-conscious about their body-image than boys?

Nowadays society makes people really self-conscious about their body image. Social media, magazines, celebrities makes young teenagers really worried about their image. Since social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram are more used by girls than guys.

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In a survey of 1,030 13- to 17-year-olds, 90 percent have used some form of social media and 75 percent currently have a personal social networking website.The study also showed that 33 percent of girls have used Twitter, and 75 percent love posting photographs online, while only 22 percent of boys have ever used Twitter, and 42 percent say they enjoy putting up pictures. About half the girls admitted that every time they post a picture online it makes them worry about their appearance or social status. Whereas only a quarter of the boys said the same thing.

So at the end, are girls more likely to be self-conscious about their body image than 
boys or not?

Many research on body image shows that girls are much more critical of their appearance than men. Up to 8 out of 10 girls will not be satisfied with their body image in the mirror. However, boys looking in the mirror are more likely to be either pleased with what they see or indifferent. Studies show that boys have a much more positive body image than girls.

In conclusion, girls expose more themselves to socials media which seem to be the reason why they care more about the way they appear in pictures, the number of friends they have, and, most importantly, about having perfect Internet versions of themselves. They fall harder online because they’re putting themselves out there more. There is also another variable to consider such as the ethnicity. Black and Asian women have a more positive body-image than Caucasian women.


2 thoughts on “Are girls more self-conscious about their body-image than boys?

  1. Andrea Marie Linn

    I think the control group should of been open to a big range of ages. I know now a days that even younger kids under 13 years old have body issues and especially those in college. There could be other issues relating to how they feel about themselves: reactions to people, level of exercise, or what they see in the media. I agree that girls feel more ashamed/ embarrassed of their body than boys. I think boys have a “I don’t care” mentality. Since women tend to express more emotion, our reactions would be more evident than boys. Your post focuses on mainly girls. It would of been interesting to see what caused the boys, who had body image issues, to have these problems. These article further discusses boy body images:

  2. Meghan Catherine Conklin

    I thought this was very interesting. Most people know that women are probably more self conscious than men about their body image, but why? This got me to think, what do pets think of their body image, and what other motives may we have to look in the mirror all the time? Here is an interesting website that explains some of this to us!

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