Crop Circles: The Unexplained Phenomena

While it is relatively easy for science and researchers to use fact to disprove many of the “supernatural” elements of our world (bigfoot, ghosts/spirits, etc.), there’s one phenomena that, when it comes to scientific explanation, cannot be dismissed; crop circles. For those of you that are unfamiliar, crop circles are strange and intricate patterns created in the crop fields of farmers from all around the world. The patterns range from all different kinds of shapes and sizes, but most contain a series of circular designs, hence the name “crop circle”. These patterns are created as crops are laid and pressed down against the ground, forming an empty and open space. The patterns can really only be seen in full from a bird’s eye view, and most are so complex and bizarre that the possibility of man-made creation seems unlikely.



Many researchers and theorists have credited the creation of crop circles to “hoaxers”, as the circles are often found in areas that are easily accessed by roads and paths. Also, the patterns are always created overnight, which would allow hoaxers to get the time needed for the work while not being seen. However, there are many questions that draw in reasonable skepticism; How would these so-called “hoaxers” create such intricate and complicated patterns (such as the one photographed above) in the matter of one night, let alone at all? What would be the motivation behind spending so much time completing such tedious work, just to be dismissed as some stupid prank? These theories involving “man-made” creation seem more like a loose cover-up rather than actual evidence. Other theorists have accredited the patterns to very specific and local wind patterns in the areas in which the crop circles are created. However, if the patterns are result of wind patterns, wouldn’t there be hard evidence proving so?


These wonderfully peculiar creations continue to pop up around the world, even today. According to some research, these unexplained phenomena are estimated to appear in locations around the world at least once a week. Since the majority of crop circles are dismissed as “hoaxes”, the media does not cover many. However, if you were to look up photographs of these patterns, many appear to be so complex that no human could possibly be responsible for them. In class we learned that there is no concrete evidence of communication with extra-terrestrial intelligence. Are these patterns methods of communication from life outside of our galaxy? If so, the real question that should be on everyone’s minds is, why aren’t crop circles getting the attention they deserve?




“Crop Circles Explained” by Benjamin Radford







4 thoughts on “Crop Circles: The Unexplained Phenomena

  1. Kaylani Chang

    I’m not completely sure about the existence of an extraneous life form, but the possibility that a person might dedicate large amounts of time to forming crop circles should not be written off as absolutely unlikely. I feel like persons with maybe a mental disorder could quite possibly have the desire to create crop circles to prove the existence of an obsession?

  2. Corey Scott Lyman

    This post was very interesting to me because I have always wondered about how the crop circles get there. It’s hard to accept that something or someone out there is able to make these symbols without us even knowing but to me it’s even harder to believe that there is no life out there capable of doing so. Here’s another article about this phenomena.

  3. Max Cohen

    Crop circles are a pretty crazy concept to try to comprehend. Nobody knows the true answer to the question of where they come from. Nobody knows why they exist but your blog provides some good insight. It’s an interesting subject and I really enjoyed your article.

  4. Adair Mustafa

    I’ve always found the topic of aliens and extra terrestrial life a controversial one. I like this post because it describes something that many other people avoid talking about. Crop circles have been around for many years now but we still don’t know for sure who is behind this phenomena. I wonder if we will ever know why they exist. Here is a relatively recent article with more information about crop circles.

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