Does Ginger Ale really help an upset stomach?

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I know every family has their own opinion on what cures an illness, in my case it is ginger ale. Every time me or my siblings complain of an upset stomach the first thing my mom gives us ginger ale. Does ginger ale really help or are we just telling ourselves that it is making a difference? It all relies on the ingredients, it is clear in the name that ginger is a main component of the drink. The form of ginger used does contribute to its effectiveness. According to an article on LIVESTRONG“traditional ginger ales contained a significant portion of ginger– a known anti-emetic and alleviator of nausea– some modern brands use artificial ginger flavorings and sweeteners in place of the real herb.” (Connolly) So when going to ginger ale for relief it is best to make sure the ingredients are natural.

According to Clinical Correlations, ginger root has been used as a remedy for quite some time, “Greek physician Dioscorides praised ginger root because it “gently stimulates the gut and is profitable for the stomach”.” (Che) Ginger ale is a light soda that unlike other types of soda can help the body restore lost fluids more easily (Connolly). Ginger, and anti-emetic can lower the risk of vomiting, a common result of an upset stomach. This form of relief can have its drawbacks, because ginger ale is a carbonated drink means it is not the best for a gas-filled stomach. Ginger ale will only worsen the bloating.

It is safe to say that ginger ale can in fact help an upset stomach. Everybody’s body reacts and works differently so, ginger ale will not necessarily help all. Although a form of relief, the intake of ginger ale should be monitored. Ginger ale does contain sweeteners/sugars which is not a good choice for those that suffer from hyperglycemia, which is in result of high blood pressure. If there are any real concerns, the approval of a doctor can be  sought out.

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7 thoughts on “Does Ginger Ale really help an upset stomach?

  1. ibg5025 Post author

    Yes, I completely understand that Canada Dry like any other soda contains sugar that when excessively consumed cannot be healthy for the body. In my blog I included the statement that the intake of ginger ale should be monitored due to the fact that excessive ginger can be bad. The article link that I included also goes over how there are different types of ginger ale made with different ingredients. Some ginger ales are made with artificial ginger flavorings and some are made with natural ingredients. I do not believe anything that is consumed in great amounts is good, but if the portions measured correctly I do no think it is so bad. It you would like to read the article discussed I will link it here

  2. Nicole Kristen Abunassar

    My father used to give me ginger ale to help my upset stomach, but it has never worked on me before. It doesn’t usually make it worse, but it doesn’t really do anything to help either. For me, rose water actually helps a lot when I have an upset stomach.

  3. Corey Michael Lapenna

    My mother always use to tel my brothers and I to use this so that is why ur article grabbed my attention. I just wrote was researching hangovers and I found out that these drinks actually dehydrate you more. The problem with this is that by further dehydrating urself you are actually only going to upset ur body more, whether it be through headaches or stomach pains. I have read that ginger will move toxins through your system and i feel as though getting it in your system in a different way other than soft drinks one may benefit more.

  4. Meghan Catherine Conklin

    I love ginger ale, and always down some when I am feeling sick. I’m confident that it helps me, but I was curious what other foods may help an upset stomach, because there are many rumors about it. Turns out that toast, soup, herbal tea and many more can do just as good of a job. Here’s a link to some other food and drinks that may help!,,20569920_8,00.html

  5. Hannah Elizabeth Boothman

    As a person who loves ginger ale, I am happy to hear that it not only tastes good, but can help when you’re feeling sick. Was there a study done to prove that ginger ale helps stomach pain? If not, I think it would be easy to do so. You could give people ginger ale and another group no ginger ale and see if their stomach pain decreased, except I don’t know how you would get the people to have the stomach ache in the first place though. Great post!

  6. Nicole Avila

    The Harvard School of Public Health recommends either avoiding most soft drinks or consuming the beverage occasionally rather than on a daily basis. In May 2009, researchers found that fructose-sweetened beverages may make your body’s cells more resistant to insulin, which is a chief factor in the development of diabetes. Furthermore, drinking Canada Dry when your body is dehydrated may simply lead to more dehydration. Therefore, Ginger ale, Canada Dry etc. contain ginger which is good for you but at the end of the day the amount of ginger it contains is not worth the amount of sugar you’re putting into your body.

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