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Why alcohol should be illegal pt. 2

Not only does alcohol cause harm to individuals, it is a huge problem in our communities. Multiple studies have shown that alcohol increases the risk for violent and aggressive behavior among its users. The Journal of Addictive Behaviors reported that “alcohol is clearly the drug with the most evidence to support a direct intoxication-violence relationship,”. If that fact is not enough for you, Mr. Corman here is one more. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that 25-30% of violent crimes in the United States are linked to the use of alcohol. According to a report from the U.S. Dept. of Justice, that translates to about 5,000,000 alcohol-related violent crimes per year. Let me repeat that, 5,000,000 crimes. That is 5,000,000 crimes that we potentially could have stopped if we took this situation more seriously. Alcohol is also a major player in domestic and sexual abuse. A study conducted by the Research Institute on Addictions found that among individuals who were chronic partner abusers, the use of alcohol was associated with significant increases in the daily likelihood of male-to-female physical aggression. What this tells me is that partner abusers are abusers because of alcohol. We need to make alcohol related laws a one strike system to stop instances like this. By doing this, users will be afraid to drink in excess because of the fear of severe penalties. Since the people of this country will be afraid to drink too much, the number of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and violent crimes will all decrease.


My last point I want to bring up is the legalities of marijuana and alcohol. By doing so I hope to strengthen my argument that alcohol related laws need to be much more strict in the state of Pennsylvania. Like I said earlier I am only bringing this to your attention to tighten the laws related to alcohol. I am not lobbying for marijuana legalization. I am just comparing the two so I can show why we need to take alcohol more seriously. Right now in Pennsylvania marijuana is illegal and alcohol is easily attainable. Marijuana has never taken a single soul according toThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet, alcohol takes as many lives as we have students on my campus at Penn State. Mr. Corman, why have we not done anything about this obvious problem? Alcohol can push people to do things they normally would not have done. Alcohol can cause people to crash their car into an unsuspecting family. Alcohol is the reason for so many families losses yet we have not done anything to stop the problem. I hope that we can turn a page in our history and focus on this issue a little more.

Senator Corman I am writing to you for help. I came to you today for your help in solving a problem that has plagued our country for too long. In the United States of America our citizens have the right to feel safe. We try protect our people from terrorism, but a problem that takes more of our citizens lives is alcoholism. Thousands of people die every single year yet we have not changed our laws to meet the changing times. Nowadays it is cool to binge drink until you are passed out, and while that all sounds fun, drastic consequences occur because of drunk peoples mind state. Alcohol is one of the most toxic drugs a human can consume, and we need to take this problem much more seriously. The health of the citizens of Pennsylvania and of the United States of America should be our first concern. Alcohol laws need to be more strict for three main reasons. The citizens of our country should be our first concern. So my first reason for making alcohol more strict is that it is very harmful for consumers (citizens). Secondly, alcohol is more harmful to the communities in our state and country than other drugs. Alcohol cause thousands of dollars in property damage along with contributing to domestic and sexual abuse. Not only is alcohol a major cause of abuse in our communities, it also causes a countless number of violent and deadly crimes across the nation and more importantly in our state of Pennsylvania. Finally, I compared the legalities of alcohol and marijuana to show you why alcohol needs to have stricter laws placed on it. In this great nation we have a system to take down criminals and lawbreakers. Alcohol is a serial murderer, and murderers need to be brought to justice.



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Why alcohol should be illegal. part 1

As a student at the Pennsylvania State University, I come to here for help. We himgresave a serious problem throughout our nation that no one has taken time to consider. The United States of America is affected by something every single day that is not terrorism. That thing, is alcohol. Alcohol related laws in our state need to be more strict in order to keep our citizens safe. Not only do we need to worry about the safety and well being of individuals, we need to make sure our communities at large are safe. By taking care of said laws at a state level, I believe that the nation will soon follow our lead. Alcohol in this great country of ours is something that is not taken seriously enough. Yes, we crack down hard on DUIs, but there are other things you and your fellow senators need to look into. Alcohol is the reason for 45,250 deaths annually (blachford and krapp) and we still have not made alcohol laws any stricter. Multiple families have to go through heartbreak every year, because offenders of the law are influenced by alcohol and act irrationally.  Today, I am bringing three points to light. First, alcohol is more harmful to our citizens than other drugs yet its laws are still lenient. Second, alcohol is extremely harmful to our citizens yet its laws are still lenient. Finally, I will compare the legalities of marijuana and alcohol to show you why alcohol related laws should be more strict. We need to intimidate lawbreakers with stricter laws. I am all too familiar with alcohol and the problems it causes, and it is time to take a stand. I am not trying to say alcohol should be illegal. I am saying that laws should be made to protect our people.

Alcohol is one of the most harmful drugs for a consumer, yet we have not upgraded our laws related to it enough to scare offenders. Thousands of American citizens have lost their lives over alcohol and we have not done anything. Penalties should strike fear into people so they do not drink in excess. The latest publication of the American Scientist reports that alcohol is one of the most toxic drugs one can consume. Like I stated above more than 45,000 people die from alcohol every year, and thats only from alcohol poisoning. Mr. Corman, why are we allowing our people to consume something that is so harmful to their health? We need to make laws that limit the amount of alcohol liquor stores are permitted to sell to one person. By doing this the people of our country will not be able to buy enough alcohol to kill themselves. Alcohol also has many long term health effects too. According to research reported this year in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, 21% of all diseases and injuries were alcohol related. That means that ⅕ of the countries diseases are caused by alcohol. If that is not enough to show you that we need to bare down the hatches when it comes to alcohol, let me show you another reason why laws need to be more strict.



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Does homework cause decreased motivation?

No one loves to do homework, especially at a young age. Teachers assign homework to their students to increase theirMP9003089533 knowledge in a subject and to instill good studying habits.

I can remember getting my first homework assignment in second grade, and each year receiving increased amounts. I can remember feeling overwhelmed in middle school when I would receive thirty minutes of homework from each class I took. These assignments were meant to make me a better student but, can too much of it cause students to become less motivated? According to professor of education and international affairs Gerald LeTendre the answer is yes. “Too much of anything can be harmful.” says LeTendre. According to LeTendre, students receiving large amounts of homework at an early age will become distraught and feel as though they can not do anything to understand the material they are receiving, bad grades usually follow once students begin to feel overwhelmed and once they receive these grades out the window goes their motivation.

Think about it like this. Lets say a seventh grade student is receiving thirty minutes of homework a night. He has more than enough time to thoroughly do all of his assignments and still spend valuable time with his family. He does not get overwhelmed and he feels motivated to do his homework each and every night because he knows he can handle it.

On the other hand lets say the same student receives two hours of homework. This student, feeling rushed to do everything, may have trouble figuring out how to solve some problems and give up. But, he has spent all this time doing his homework leaving him with a little time to spend with his family. Since he did not complete said homework he receives a poor grade. This student will lose his motivation because he will not see a reason to do his homework if he doesn’t have the time.

LeTendre’s research states that students should not receive homework until after second grade. He then says that students should then receive homework in ten minute increments as they move up a grade. So, in third grade students should receive ten minutes a night, in fourth twenty, fifth thirty, and so on until they graduate.

I believe that LeTendre’s reasoning behind this is that he believes that students minds should expand in relation to their grade in school. By doing this students are not going to feel overwhelmed. This strategy of giving homework would also allow students the opportunity to have some free time while they are younger, which LeTendre states is important.

Based on my readings on LeTendre’s research and findings I can say that the amount of homework a student receives at a young age affects motivation.



The unfortunate truth about sitting.

My last blog focussed on wether weekend warriors and athletes alike should choose sports drinks or water after a workout. After I did some research, sports drinks were found to be the best option based on tests done by Professor Kenney at Penn State. Also, throughout, I used critical thinking to show why sports drinks would be a better choice. As I searched the web for a topic related to the sports world for this post I came upon something that is not necessarily related to sports but is related to our health. And until I researched it I did not even know it was this big of a deal.

Ladies and gentleman there is an epidemic sweeping across the nation that greatly influences obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancers. And as I sit here in the library typing away I can look umid section view of a man sitting on a bench in a parkp and at a glance can see over fifty people, myself included, doing it. If you have not yet figured out what I am talking about yet the answer is….. sitting! Thats right, folks, sitting. Something we do every single day of our lives. In fact, Penn State professor of kinesiology and human development David E. Conroy states(1) that we spend eight hours a day sitting, and that does not include time spent sleeping. When we study we are sitting, when we watch television we are sitting, when we eat we are sitting, and if you sleep eight hours a day(2) you have spent sixteen of the days twenty-four hours sitting (2/3 of a day). All of this sitting adds up and in the end being sedentary is a direct cause of diseases that include diabetes and obesity.

According to Conroy(1), the minimal amount of activity our bodies and large muscles experience while sitting causes energy metabolism(3) to decrease. Energy metabolism is the bodies process of generating energy from nutrients. As stated, large amounts of sitting can cause a slower metabolism. This leads to fewer calories being burned and can influence the chances of disease.

guy-runningThis shows that sitting is one of the many causes of said diseases stated above. But, sitting is a preventable problem. If we humans cut out, lets say, three hours of sitting a day the chances of said diseases being obtained would be lower. In my opinion there is no doubt that large amounts of sitting and these diseases being contracted is strictly causal. Think about it, if moving around and being active increases the metabolism rate what would sitting and being inactive do? Its not too hard to figure out. Not all people who sit this often will get diabetes or cancer, but sitting for these prolonged periods does nothing but increase the chances. So how about it, lets all get up, get out, and get active. Is it all that hard to just get up and move around? What are your opinions on sitting and the diseases that could come into your life because of it?






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Water vs Sports Drinks — What Athletes and the average person should choose.

4949287+_42353f6c72aa2afd5561bb6284f6dee3All of my life I have been drinking gatorade and water without really thinking about it. They both seem to give me the same satisfaction after a practice or workout, and while gatorade tastes better I am not sure which actually is better for my body and replenishment. We’ve all seen the commercials telling us whats what when it comes to sports drinks, but are they just sugar coating things or are sports drinks actually better for us after a workout? In this post I am going to look into that question and hopefully find a solidified answer.

After a long grueling run through the sweltering summer heat(2), your body is fatigued, your head is rushing, and you can feel your knees beginning to give out, but most of all you’re thirsty. As you venture back to your dorm, apartment, or house you decide to stop at Mclanahans to make a purchase from their vast selection of ice cold beverages and as you come upon the holy grail of refreshments in the aisle before you, you stop baffled at the decision you’re now facing; should I go with water, or a sports drink like gatorade. Before making any rushed decision or judgement one should consider the pros and cons of both options. Both may satisfy your need to be hydrated, but which is the best choice? The electrolyte filled sport drink or water?

Water is one of the most most natural supplements that earth has to offer us. Its essential to life and without water we would perish after 3 to 5 days(4). Water is our fuel. But water is just that, water. It provides rehydration but it doesn’t bring anything with it. On the other hand, gatorade or other sports drinks provide the same water with a punch of electrolytes that is supposed to provide our body with a little extra replenishment. With all that aside, should water be our first choice when purchasing a drink after a workout? According to Penn State University professor of physiology and kinesiology, W. Larry Kenney (3), Gatorade or Powerade would be a imgres-1better choice. Kenney states(1) that these sports drinks have extra ingredients that are not found in water that help the human body after a long workout or run. Electrolytes like sodium and potassium are additives that Kenney considers to be the most important with carbohydrates coming in at a close second. What are electrolytes? Well, electrolytes are important substances added to these sports drinks that help regulate the body’s hydration and nerve/muscle function. During a workout or run we sweat in order to regulate the body’s temperature. While this process of sweating keeps our body cool during said workout, it also causes the loss of body fluids. These sports drinks are designed to replenish the electrolytes we lose while sweating. In my opinion purchasing a sports drink after a workout is like purchasing the electrolytes you just lost during your workout.

treadmill-workoutsBased on critical thinking we learned in class the decision can be made much easier. Think about it like this. According to Kenney, these sports drinks are specifically made to replenish what we sweat out during workouts. Water on the other hand, while it is important, does not contain the special qualities that are put into sports drinks like gatorade. So if electrolytes lost during a workout can be replaced by a drink that also quenches your thirst why would you not choose this sports drink over water? Simply put, you would have to be crazy to choose water over gatorade after a long workout.

Personally I know next time I am choosing between water or a sports drink I am going to go with a sports drink that replenishes me with the essential body fluid I just lost. So now you tell me, would you choose water or a sports drink?









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Initial Blog Post

Hey everyone, my name is Nick Chambers and I am a sophomore from State College, Pa studying in the college of communications and I am hoping to declare a major in Advertising with a minor in entrepreneurship. I decided to take this class because it was recommended to me by an advisor and after I read more about it it sounded like a class I would enjoy being in. I am not a science major because in the past the only science I was taught had to deal with equations, math, and chemicals and I am not the best when it comes to numbers. I cant wait to get started with the “meat” of the course. winter-in-state-college-pa-state-college-united-states+1152_12845636760-tpfil02aw-17286