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Why do we like the music we like?

This question has always itched in the back of my mind, “Why do we like the music we like?” My only leads were the assumptions that it was either A. Something we haven’t discovered yet or B. Something very complicated I would never be able to understand. There doesn’t seem to be a complete answer to this question yet, but there is interesting research into this question and some helpful clues into what’s happening inside our brains. This article asks the same question and attempts to get some answers.

The two primary components working in our brains when we listen to music we like are the auditory cortex and the accumbens nucleus. The auditory cortex processes and stores all of the sounds we hear, and each person’s auditory cortex is unique. The accumbens nucleus shows signs of reward and pleasure. The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital ran an experiment to see how these two regions of the brain interact with each other. During the study they found that “the accumbens lights up when it hears new music after the song has been filtered through the auditory cortex”  (ideastations). During this process, the accumbens and auditory cortex communicate and give a reaction to the music – presumably you enjoy it or you do not. This result suggests that the accumbens, the region that plays a role in pleasure, has a hand in our reactions to hearing different music and could have an impact on what kind of music we enjoy listening to.

If this is true, then this could lead to a lot of addition questions: Are we programmed to like certain music? Could other things impact our interest in music, such as culture and context? Perhaps through our life our auditory cortex grows adjusted to hearing certain sounds, and becomes uninterested in other kinds of music. For an example, older people who love classical or jazz, but can’t stand listening to metal music. Does age also make a difference? We can’t quite answer these questions, but it’s some great food for thought.

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Have you ever had that feeling where you can’t get enough of something? Something that doesn’t involve chemicals or additives.. a thing that you just can’t seem to peel your hands, or mind off of…maybe a person? a book? or even a phone?  Well if you didn’t know… that feeling is called addiction.

    No, Im not addicted to cigarettes, gambling, or sex (all three of which are very common) but I do believe I am addicted to my phone and capturing moments that I think ill never get back. Thousands and thousands of pictures take up the memory of my 64 gb iPhone which I constantly have to sync to my computer. I get the same pleasure out of taking a picture of my friends walking down the street as you do taking a puff of that cigarette. But why? Because were addicted.

Addiction is a disease…a disease (in my opinion) that can only be cured through a mental cleanse, or maybe it can’t be cured just managed. I say a mental cleanse… because its all in your head. Some say addiction is such a serious psychological disease that there is no cure…its irremediable. The definition of addiction is “a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry”. The term brain reward (again, in my opinion), sums up the disease of addiction in the simplest of terms. When your desire is fulfilled, you feel rewarded. Whether you feel the reward physically or mentally, your addiction satisfies you.  

So this leads me to ask… Is addiction a disease or is it just a mind game?