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Initial Blog Post!

Greetings, my name is Cas and I was born and raised right here in State College! I

“Photography is one of my favorite hobbies! Here’s a photo I took this past spring!” 

I’m enrolled in this course as a way to fulfill my general education requirements. My adviser suggested this class to me because it was a science course for non science majors. It seemed like the best and most enjoyable option, so I signed up for SC 200. As for why I am not planning to become a Science major, this is due to the fact that I have never been particularly good at the subject. I’ve always seen science as a subject you need to be really smart to excel in, and I’ve had very limited experience with science courses. I was home schooled for many years in middle school, and we didn’t cover much conventional science. In addition, the science courses and requirements in the high school I attended were very loose, so I did not get much exposure to the subject. So for a summary, it would probably be because I don’t have much interest in science, and I don’t find myself smart enough to do well in it anyways.

Here is a video of an experiment we were shown in my Psychology class that studies inequality between monkeys. It’s short, pretty funny, and definitely worth watching so check it out!