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First Post!~

My name is Kelli Ross. I’m from Philadelphia and I’m a freshman here at Penn State. I’m currently deciding upon what it is I want to study. I have some small idea of what I want to major in and I can assure you that it isn’t anything to do with science. Honestly, I’m just taking this class because the advisor told me I needed this credit and it was generally liked by most students. It wasn’t so much the study of any particular sciences either. Rather, it was more along the lines of learning why we study science. (Mostly though, it was because the Ag Sc building is really close to the creamery, but don’t tell Andrew I said that).

Like most students, I can’t say I had most efficient experience with any sciences in high school. Also, I’m kinda squeamish, often times impatient and I can’t say I’m the best at math. THIS especially is a great example of why I could never… Conclusion being, most sciences wouldn’t fit my character at all. I tried to do my best in the classes I had because I knew they were important for the time being, but they were never a real interest of mine. Some of it is actually pretty cool though, It’s just not for me.

I always thought periodic table jokes were super funny though!

I’m actually looking forward to this course and what it has to offer.