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Lung Health for Marijuana Smokers


Since we know how bad smoking cigarettes are for your lungs and their health, it could be inferred that smoking marijuana would have the same effects, if not worst. But according to a new large government study, smoking marijuana on a regular basis, even for many years, does not impair your lung function (O’Connor). The researchers followed over 2 decades more than 5,000 people and indeed found that smoking up to a “joint” a day does not impair your lung health. Actually, they found “in something of a twist” that compared to nonsmokers, marijuana users had slightly better results on lung function tests (O’Connor). Dr. Stefan Kertesz said that he “doubts that there are any real increases in lung health, but the tests reflect how marijuana smokers have years of “training” in taking deep breaths and inhaling smoke”.  On the other hand, people who smoke both marijuana and cigarettes still have worsening lung conditions, but Dr. Donald Tashkin, a pulmonologist, thinks that the cigarettes are mainly to blame for this. Dr. Tashkin again found that even smoking up to 3 joints a day didn’t appear to impair lung function. With all of this overwhelming evidence, it is hard to believe that so many people are fighting for the legalization of marijuana to be shot down, when all the other health benefits it brings are amazing, and your lungs seem to be staying completely healthy. Within the next 5 to 8 years, I assume marijuana will become 100% legal in almost all 50 states, and that people will start reaping the benefits this plant could bring to so many sick people across the country.


Here is a link to article that I found in the New York Times.