First Post SC200

Hi everyone, I’m Maddie Panzeri. At the moment I am in DUS although I am interested in pursuing Human Development and Family Studies. I’m from Harford County Maryland, but I somewhat recently moved to outside Pittsburgh.

I was recommended to this course by my advisor but I decided to take it because it seemed like an interesting and unconventional approach to science.

I have never planned on doing anything with science professionally, everything in science seemed so technical and cold to me. Although scientific topics can be interesting and engaging they have never appealed to me enough to pursue science. Science was never my ‘thing’, I spent a lot of time in my high school physics course making mini clay passengers for my lab groups ‘car’ that we used during experiments/ activities.

Possibly the most heart-wrenching moment of my summer was watching Jon Snow die in Game of Thrones.

TV STILL -- DO NOT PURGE -- episode 510 --  GAME OF THRONES, titled "Mother’s Mercy."  Pictured: Kit Harington as Jon Snow Photographer: HBO

Also I am in love with Alessia Cara’s music, and she just leaked her own EP.

Four Pink Walls

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  1. Caroline Gail Stacks

    Hey Maddie! I started out at Penn State as undecided and now I’m majoring in human development and family studies! I switched over the summer, and I’m so glad that I did! I’m hoping that I can become a counselor with a focus on the effects of social media on an adolescent brain. That being said, I like social sciences but that’s about it hahaha! I hope you have a fabulous first semester!

    Here’s a funny and cute animal compilation because who doesn’t love those…

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