Initial Blog Post

HI! My name is Sarah I’m from Flemington, New Jersey. Just to give a little fun fact about my town, recently there was a man that owned a deli and he created a lot of uproar for a “White History Month” sign and he ended up on verious news sources.

I am a first year student, but I’ve bled blue and white since birth. Both my parents are Penn State Alums and more recently, my brother graduated from PSU in May.

I am doing this course because I do not need to take any content rigourous intensive science courses such as chem but I enjoy to challenge myself, my mind, and my thoughts. I was innitially signed up for a different science course but then read up on it and realized it would not be a good fit for me. I then saw that SC200 was open and decided it would be a perfect option for me to take due to the critical thinking aspect of the course and the fact that the course strayed away from the typical courses.

I am not planning on being a science major due to the fact that I am not a science-y person. Not to say I am a bad science student but just regarding what I prefer, I would rather not do labs or calculate equations. My major is rehabillatation and human services and I intend to go into addictions and mental health, that being said-I am a very hands on and emotional oriented person.

I’m also a huge fan of puns and corny jokes so here’s something science related.