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Hey everybody! My name is Julie Ramioulle and I am from Scottsdale, Arizona. Yeah I know, it’s a lot further than where you’re all coming from, but it’s made me just that much more excited and anxious to finally be here at Penn State. Although, the thought of all these changes in environment, community, and responsibilities left me clueless in what to expect from it all. For these reasons, many have asked me how I chose Penn State? But now I know the real question is how could I have not picked Penn State?
As a Computer Science major in the College of Engineering, I am required to fulfill a Natural Science GenEd because we’re the lucky (in my case) engineering major that doesn’t need to take a chemistry course. Fortunately enough, SC 200 came to be the only science course available that looked the least bit interesting because of all the critical thinking involved. I’m not planning to be a Science major because I realized the  designing, programming, and formula side comes easier to me.  Although, for a while I did hesitate about studying Forensic Science because I’ve always been interested in the forensic side of the law and government.  Ended up finding another way to still try to pursue that, without taking the science major route, by aiming to be a Computer Forensic Analyst.

Here’s a post from my Instagram ( follow me if you’d like) of what it’s like back in AZ, and me hugging my dog to death so she’d take a picture with me!


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