New class, New student?

Hello my name is Kyle Saul. I am from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Tobin Heath grew up in my town and went to my high school, here is some facts about her!

I am joining this class because I was enrolled in the NROTC program and classes yet, quickly realized my major is too demanding do be successful in the program and my major. I ended up dropping the Naval Science course and picked up this course because it seemed interesting to talk about solutions to world problems without calculations. Brainstorming ways to help the world, my family, friends, and myself is something I really enjoy.

I am going into a science major but hopefully not focusing on the science portion of it in my later life. I am going to be a mechanical engineer, I loved physics and chem in high school but my passion is really in building things. Opening up engines and seeing how they work is my jam.

This is an engine transmission. Still trying to figure out how it works..