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My name is Ryan Schmidt. I am very excited to be starting my freshman year at Penn State. I am currently enrolled in DUS, but I plan on majoring in supply chain management or Finance. I was very involved in my high school’s mini-THON, and am very interested in becoming involved in Penn States THON. Penn State has always been my dream school. Coming from a small high school, I could no believe that amount of students walking to class on the first day. The transition from my small high  school to Penn State’s massive campus has been interesting, but very enjoyable.

In middle school I was highly considering working to become a doctor. After a few years of high school science, i found that was not my calling. I am fascinated with the unknown aspects of life and controversial science topics in our world. I heard about this class through this  Onward State Article about interesting gen eds. Based off of the article’s review and my brother’s input of the class, I decided it would fit my interests. I am highly anticipating getting to know many of you, and am looking forward to the critical thinking that lies ahead in SC 200.


Ryan Schmidt

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  1. Adam Patrick Evans

    Hey Ryan, I just read your blog and it was very interesting! I like yourself was also involved heavily with my high school’s mini-thon . The class was recommended to me by others too and I can’t wait to see what we’re in for! Hopefully we’ll come across each other in this class, maybe see you then!

  2. pxw5127

    Hi Ryan! I just finished reading your blog post, and you and I have a few things in common! Penn State has always been my dream school as well. The moment I walked into Beaver Stadium for the first time, I knew I wanted to go here! I also had a mini THON at my high school that I was involved with as well. I used to think that science was my favorite subject in elementary school, but when I reached high school that quickly changed. Science is very interesting, but very hard. I’m excited for this class too!

    Paige Wisehaupt
    My School’s Mini THON

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