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Hello everyone, my name is Stacy! I was born in Pittsburgh, but lived right here in good ol state college ever since then. Yep I’m a townie and proud of it! My favorite time of the year is summer because there’s so many events that go on. My all time favorite is Arts fest of course, which happens right here in state college. If you haven’t been to it yet, I highly advise you too.

I’m currently a sophomore at Penn State enrolled in Dus, but on my way to getting into the Visual School of Arts. Art is something I’ve been passionate about since my freshman year of high school. Creating something helps to reduce the stress that sometimes gets to me.


The reason I am taking this course is because I need to take it for my soon to be major. I’m excited to learn some new interesting information about science, even if it’s not the major I don’t want to get into. I can gloat to my dad, who happens to love science, all the cool stuff I’m learning about.
P.S. heres a cool video on art…its amazing 🙂

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