First Post

So my name is Alejandra but I go by Allie. I’m from North Carolina and one of the reasons I moved was to get away from the heat.

My goal is to major in Photojournalism with a minor in Music Tech. I originally took this class based on the suggestion of a counselor when I signed up for my classes, however now I’m actually looking forward to going to class. In the past science hasn’t been my strong suit nor did it interest me very much – hence why I’m not majoring in it – though this class grabbed my attention from the first day. I look forward to what the semester has in store.

Along with writing these blog post, I also had to create a blog for my freshmen seminar so I decided to have a blog for all my classes. You can visit it here.


For my birthday I got VIP tickets to see Fall Out Boy on their Boys of Zummer tour. This is a picture of the band along with me and my best friend.

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