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Hi, I’m Tracy Kwok from Hong Kong and I studied in a high school in Long Island for my junior and senior year. This is my freshman year and I am planning on double majoring hospitality management and psychology.

At first, the reason why I chose this course is that I need it for my general education requirement and there is no other courses that I wanted to take. However, when I received the syllabus during the first class, I found this class really interesting. I am really interested in those topic we are going to talk about and I am actually really curious about the questions we are going to discuss. The reason why I am not planning on having a science major is that I am never really a science person. I liked biology in high school but I was not good at chemistry and physics. I also would not pursue career in science field. However, I would like to know some interesting scientific facts through this course.

Here is a video we watched in our psychology class about Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay which I found really funny.


6 thoughts on “Initial blog post

  1. Kristen Lauren Mckenzie

    Thats actually my favorite picture of Hong Kong, its hanging in my room at home. For some reason the live link didn’t work for my comment just my blogged so I just copied and paste the link below

  2. Kristen Lauren Mckenzie

    I am also from Long Island, NY. I think its pretty cool that you are from Hong Kong my mom actually took me there for my 5th birthday, even though I don’t remember going she has a thousands pictures from there!

  3. Yu-ting Chien

    Hi Tracy! I’,m also major in hospitality management. I enjoy working in beautiful places and doing some special events. Here is a video about hotel management jobs . Those places are so beautiful and attract me. I hope I can see you in class!

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