Blog 1: Why can’t they cure Ulcerative Colitis?

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Ulcerative Colitis is a chronic inflammatory disease in the gastrointestinal tract.  After grueling amounts of pain and being anemic, several tests later I got my answer to my agony. If anyone who knows what Crohn’s is or   what it’s like you probably know it’s a type of pain that you never thought it was possible to experience. The stabbing pain. The million trips to the bathroom. Not to mention the inability to eat pretty much anything since everything upsets your stomach. So one would think getting my the answer I had been seeking for so long would finally bring me peace right? No. Ulcerative Colitis is one of many diseases they still don’t have the answers to or what it even occurs. They have medication and different remedies that help keep you from flaring but nothing is for sure or permanent. I’ve been taking over the counter medication and getting infusions every six weeks to continue in remission but there’s no guarantee. The problem with Colitis disease is that many genetic and environmental factors contribute to it according to Healthline which make it hard to pinpoint the direct cause. Luckily, WNDU reported that Naser seems to have recently discovered the bacteria MAP that could possibly linked to the symptoms Colitis patients experience. This bacteria has been known for awhile but is only found in cows. This bacteria helps with the inflammation and could possibly lead to a cure. Scientists continue trials in order to publish their findings hoping to bring an end to this disease. They’ve even discovered stem cells called mesenchymal stem cell which contain antibodies which go to straight to the intestinal lining to promote healing and decrease inflammation reported by Everyday Health.  However, I think the biggest problem surrounding the inability to cure this disease is that not many people are familiar with it. Many commercials surrounding IBS center around Crohn’s disease but rarely ever mention Ulcerative Colitis. Discovering a cure for something requires the desire and knowledge to want to end something. If not enough people know of Colitis and see it as it’s own disease then how is it ever going to be cured? Being someone who suffers from this disease it is both frustrating and upsetting that such a disease can be disregarded and be made to seem less serious due to the fact that it falls under the same category as Crohn’s. In the future, I can only hope that scientists continue to make great strides for Ulcerative Colitis. Hopefully one day I can live completely symptom free where certain foods and frequent trips to the bathroom don’t run my life.  

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  1. Kassidy Schupp

    My sister has ulcerative colitis too. After countless trips to the doctor and even the emergency room, they finally determined what it was. She did a lot of her own research on ways to not cure but to lessen the pain. She found that eating things seasoned or mixed with onions and/or garlic sometimes worsen the effects and pain of ulcerative colitis. Now she either completely avoids foods with these things or eats it in very small and moderate amounts.

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