Initial Blog Post

Hi Everyone,

My name’s Amanda Strassler and I just switched into this class so I’m still getting used to this blog website and everything. I’m from Lee, Massachusetts and I’m a Film major with a Sociology minor. I was originally in Anthropology, but as a non-science major, I found it a bit overwhelming. This class fit into my schedule better and my adviser had really good things to say about it, so I’m pretty hyped for the course. Science was always iffy for me because I’m just terrible at math and the two subjects always seemed to intersect at some point. I do much better in the Arts which is why I’ve stayed away from science and math courses so far.

Here is a link to a <a href=”″>short_film</a> I worked on last semester and here’s one of my most recent drawings.


It’s pretty clear that math and science are not really my strong points.

4 thoughts on “Initial Blog Post

  1. Kelly T Smith

    You’re really talented at painting, I’m envious of your talent! I wish I could paint or do something in the arts but I just don’t have the talent for it. I think it’s really cool that you did Childish Gambino too his music is so fun and interesting to listen to. Here’s a link of a artistically-talented friend of mine’s instagram.

  2. Jack Andrew Guay

    Hey Amanda, its nice to meet a fellow artist. Your work is really amazing, i myself am a painter that mainly focuses in landscape art. To be completely honest im terrible at drawing or painting people, so i defiantly appreciate your artistic ability. I would love to see some of your other pieces. Heres a link to some of my best works from highschool

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