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Hi y’all,

My name is Hyun Soo Lee and I’m from Hershey, PA, which is about two hours away from State College. As a journalism major, I’m taking this class to fulfill a GN requirement and, naturally, this was one of the courses that came up during my course scheduling session at NSO. So, at the suggestion of my academic advisors, I signed up for this class — and am I ever glad to have done so.

For the past seven years and counting, I’ve had a most tumultuous relationship with science. In sixth grade, I once proclaimed science as the weak link in my knowledge base and the one subject that I would have trouble with for the duration of my secondary education. For this reason, I guess you could say I could never be a science major. And it’s true – I really don’t think I am suited for any branch of science whatsoever. When I was scheduling my classes at NSO, what caught my eye was this was labeled as a class exclusively for non-science majors, so I thought I could definitely have the potential to succeed in it if I tried. As it turns out, I still stand by that statement, now that I know what I am in for.

I’d also like to mention that I am originally from Texas. I have to say, I miss a lot of things about the state. From the irritatingly bipolar weather to fresh, homemade kolaches to the surprising overabundance of hipsters, I always get swept with a pang of nostalgia whenever I think back to the various sights and sounds that reside uniquely in my memory of Texas. Here’s a photo of the “iconic” College Station water tower that you would always see driving in from Earl Rudder Hwy.

College Station water tower

Lastly, here’s a link to what is undisputedly the greatest album of all time. Hope you all enjoy.

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