Initial Blog Post

Hello, my name is Emanuel Mitchell and I’m from Chichester, Pennsylvania (which is twenty minutes from Philadelphia).  I am currently a freshman and majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism management, and plan to minor in kinesiology. Originally I did not want to come to Penn State since three of my brothers went here, and I wanted to follow my own path; but I liked the atmosphere too much, so now I’m here.

I never considered a science major, mainly because I never enjoyed it. Instead, I chose a major that I appreciated and suited my strengths. Unlike other science classes, SC200 peaked my interest just by the write up on it. Although only week one of classes have gone by, I can sense that the class will continue to be very thought provoking, which is why i decided to take this class. Also, I believe this course will allow me be more curious about the nature of things and help me be able to evaluate “why things are the way are”.

Once I came to PSU, I decided to challenge myself by being open-minded and trying new things.About each day I learned something new or found new hobbies, such as playing the ukulele, walking different routes to class, and meeting new people.


Here’s a picture of me playing the ukulele.

ukulele bill cosby