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Hello. My name is Evan Bogdan and I am currently a sophomore here at Penn State. I am in the College of Undergraduate studies because I still have no clue what I plan on doing with my life. I am from Palmyra, Pennsylvania which is a small town right next to Hershey. I normally just skip the Palmyra part and tell people I am from Hershey due to the popularity of

I am not a science major nor do I have much interest in sciences such as Chemistry or Biology. I took this class because I really enjoy the conceptual aspect that accompanies it. Finding out what science is actually used for is much more appealing to me, rather memorizing the periodic table. Simply, I am not a science major for I find it boring. However, this class appeals to my interests and sparks my curiosity which is why I am excited to take it.

Below, I have an accurate representation of what I would look like in a science lab.




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