What affects hair growth and health?

Nowadays, many girls are looking to have long, luscious, locks. All over television, in magazines, and on social media, there are countless Long-Strong-e1373650200143celebrities with many inches of hair, even in all different colors. But, how do they get their hair to grow so long? Are they using certain hair treatments? The questions of how their hair is so long and perfect goes beyond the basic excuse of “they must have extensions”, after all not all women do.

Recent studies have shown that having long, healthy hair goes beyond what products you put in it. Eating a well balanced diet that includes nutrients and protein is just as important. This is because a protein known as keratin makes up everyone’s hair follicles. By eating protein, you are assisting the growing phase by increasing the amount of protein and helping your hair increase in strength so it cannot easily be pulled out or shed.

Unfortunately, there are a few things that might prevent your hair from growing, and may even cause it to fall out. For example, with age comes less hair. There are hormone shifts that cause hair to thin out and fall out. Hormones change as you get older resulting in thinner, slower-growing, less luxurious hair. Also an increase in stress and anxiety, at any age, may result in simultaneous hair loss. Lastly, the use of some medications and supplements may result in hair loss. This is most popular in chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients, but can also be a cause of more common medications. Fortunately, once you stop taking the medicine causing hair loss, it is proven to grow back in just a few months.

All over the Internet you can find all different “home remedies for hair growth” and products. Many of these remedies include oils such as, olive oil and coconut oil, or foods such as avocado, flax seeds, and even eggs. They are said to, “revive your hair through your scalp”.  In addition, “1000 kinds of plant extract have been examined with respect to hair growth,” according the Pharmacognosy Reviews. But the real question is, do they work? According to At Home Remedies, by putting raw egg whites in your hair, primarily your scalp you are increasing the proteins, helping your hair grow faster. So, your breakfast can be your next go to beauty product!

Although I am unclear whether these at home remedies are scientifically proven to work, dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, MD, seems to think that an increase in proteins will, in fact help hair growth and health. So by watching your diet carefully, and using products that don’t cause hair shed, anyone’s hair can grow beautifully and naturally.   Maybe even try cracking some of that raw egg into your hair, who knows?!


Here’s a video of someone actually trying an egg hair remedy


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  1. Cassidy Paige Heiserman

    While I believe that these at home remedies may work for some people, they definitely do not work for most. Personally, I have always had long, thick, curly hair. In order to have a good hair day, roughly 100 things need to go right. I have tried numerous hair care remedies, including one involving avocado and oil. I would like to say the sticky, yucky mess benefited my hair, but that would be a lie. Even though I followed the instructions exactly, my hair looked no different when it was all over. I think that these at home remedies are targeted towards a very select group of people. They definitely work wonders for some, but I for sure am not one of them!

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