Why Smoking Causes Skin Damage

When those scary public service announcements about smoking pop up during the commercial breaks of our favorite shows, many alarming images flash across the screen. These commercials are dramatic, yet realistic. One of the most disturbing side effects of cigarette smoking is the damage it does to the skin. I’ve heard about what smoking does to the lungs, however I never understood how it makes the skin look aged and unhealthy. Being that society is so image driven, it would make sense to assume that if people saw the external damage that smoking would cause them, they may be less likely to start smoking cigarettes, or have more motivation to quit the habit.

Many people question whether smoking actually causes severe skin damage and wrinkles, so maybe this can answer the question. Smoking causes wrinkles because the nicotine in cigarettes leads to damaged blood vessels, which blocks essential blood flow to the skin. When there is a lack of blood flow to the skin, the skin lacks oxygen and essential nutrients that keep it looking young and healthy. Not only does the lack of blood flow cause skin damage, but the burn from the cigarette and the facial expressions made while smoking can cause premature wrinkles to areas around the mouth and eyes.

The damage that is done to the skin through smoking is not easily reversible. Over the counter moisturizers will not reverse years of skin damage. Botox injections and laser treatments will be the most effective. Unfortunately, some skin damage isn’t reparable.

Before you pick up your next cigarette, think about the damage it will do you internally, and externally. Here is an alarming video that will show you what people could like in the future if they continue to smoke.

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