Is getting braces really THAT important?


These days braces are advertised EVERYWHERE and nearly everyone gets them at some point in their lives. But, the tables have turned, and now if you DONT get braces YOU can be seen as the outcast. A dilemma that I encountered once I reached high school regarded my smile. Of course, my mother always told me that I had a beautiful smile and “I’m perfect just the way I am”. But once I reached high school I didn’t necessarily feel that way. I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want a “perfect smile”? So I started to bring up the topic of braces…repeatedly… It got to the point where my mom had no other option but to say yes. And she was not too happy about this. First, because she didn’t think it was necessary, but also because of the wonderful (sarcasm) price tag that comes along.

So, with all this in mind, is getting braces really necessary?

The main point, and is often viewed as most important would be that getting braces allows you to have healthier teeth. Dr. Paras Gosalia states that the “benefit of braces goes beyond just esthetics”. Having straighter teeth contributes to healthier dental hygiene. The straighter your teeth are the healthier your “teeth and gums can be”. It also helps to “prevent future cavities and periodontal disease”. Dr. Randy Gittess also explains that individuals who have crooked teeth “may experience difficulty biting and chewing food. As a result, patients may experience digestion or nutrition issues”. Humana also points out the fact that crooked teeth can cause “a “bucktooth” appearance. This condition makes the patient more likely to suffer injuries to his or her front teeth, especially if they play sports.”

The most intriguing fact that I found was the point that Dr. Gosalia also makes when discussing the extremely negative effects due to the constant wearing and grinding of one’s unaligned teeth. For those individuals who have this issue, and most people due, they are often prone to “chronic headaches and back or neck pain”.

All of these negative aspects stated get more and more severe, but they can all be prevented by simply straightening your teeth.


Additionally, we’ve all been told that having straight teeth results in a “nicer” smile. Dr. Paras Gosalia states, “many studies have shown that an attractive smile boosts self-esteem which is important at any age”. This self-esteem boost greatly benefits children and influences their future success. For adults, self-esteem is even more important in many “professional settings and social situations”. According to Dr. Randy Gittess, many of his patients feel “socially unconfident due to feelings that their teeth are less visually appealing than they would like”. Some individuals that Dr. Gittess have worked with shared that “it’s difficult to chew with your mouth closed” and these “oral complications can make it more difficult to socialize”.

Due the research I conducted it is overwhelmingly clear that braces are very beneficial, and not only to “look nicer”. The only aspects which could prevent someone from getting braces would be the price tag and that it is slightly more challenging to keep your teeth clean. So, to those of us who have had braces, which is most of us, don’t worry!! It was worth it!! Even though it might have seemed like we had those darn things on forever…


2 thoughts on “Is getting braces really THAT important?

  1. Meghan Kelly Shiels

    I found this article interesting because I always thought that braces were more for aesthetic appeal than anything else. I can’t help but wonder if the benefits are worth the cost. Personally, I love having straight teeth and think it was completely worth it, but it is extremely expensive. It would be intriguing to see a full cost analysis of the benefits it provides versus the cost. For example, do people with straight teeth make more money than those who do not?

  2. Nicholas Andrew Goussetis

    I’ve actually been considering getting braces. It is college, and I’d rather not wear them now, entering my professional life but I’ve always wondered about how the Invisalign braces work to straighten your teeth. Perhaps they are more effective than braces? I also don’t know about cost efficiency between the two but I did enjoy your article and perhaps I’ll do the research on my own for another blog!

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