Does studying in the library increase test scores?

I have to admit it, I have yet to go to the library at Penn State.  I would much rather study in my warm, comfortable bed listening to my music and relaxing.  But am I really focusing on my studying?  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Advising & Learning Assistance Center says, “Many students, however, find that they must leave their room in order to study effectively, because their room equals a place to sleep and play, and not a place to learn.”

Think about it.  You sleep in your room.  Do you really want to associate sleep with studying?  If I am studying in my room, I am most likely thinking about sleeping while doing it, (or actually falling asleep).

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Libraries are quiet facilities.  They are known to be easy places to go and read in peace.  “And while some students may complain that the library is “boring,” some students need just that…a “boring” place to study.” the Advising Center goes on to say.  This is a very good observation.  Since the library is SO boring, it ends up being a great place to study.  There is no television or music to take you to another world…you almost have to read because there is nothing else to do.  In the back of your mind you want to go back to your dorm anyway, but you know you cannot do so until you study.

From my own observations, I can see that a quiet, distraction-free library is the way to go to increase test scores.  It is not only the environment that helps, but also the librarians.  “Test scores seem to be significantly higher for schools that have full-time certified school librarians as well as for those that have such a librarian with support staff.” (Achterman 2008).


Studying in the library can indirectly effect test scores.  That is, if one studies in a environment that is distraction free (like the library), they will take in more information and do better on their tests.  It does not have to just be the library though.  Any place with quiet and serenity makes it easier to study!  FIU News says, “Where you study is important in maximizing how much information you retain. Studying in places that have less noise and people traffic – the upper floors of the Green Library, the law building, the Sky Lounge, a quiet coffee shop/tea lounge – will result in more effective study time and improve your ability to recall information that you went over during that time.”  Therefore, any place that is comfortable and appealing to you can be useful in your studying.  So next time you have a big test, try to go to the library or some other place with no distractions and watch your test scores boost!


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4 thoughts on “Does studying in the library increase test scores?

  1. Chane Jeter-Smith

    I too have never been to the library. I’ve only studied in my room. But I can agree with room studying makes it hard to stay focused. When studying, I’ll find myself constantly getting up to grab food, turn music on, look at my phone and when my room mate enters, talk to her! I can never sit an get my tasks done when needed to because of all the distractions. In high school I always stayed after school to do my homework there instead of at home because my siblings were distracting. I should probably go back to library studying as well.

  2. Haley Amanda Toadvine

    I have found that doing my homework in my dorm is very counterproductive. Most times I get distracted just logging on to my computer before I even try to do my homework. However, when at the library, there is nothing to do there other than homework. As a result, there is nothing else to distract you. There are people though that work better in the comfort of their own beds. I think it comes down to personal preference and what works best for the individual.

  3. Erin Marie Stephenson

    Like you and many others I have also yet to go to the library on campus. I should definitely start going to the library to study, especially before big exams because whenever I seem to stay in my room to study or do homework there always seems to be other people around distracting me from my workload.

  4. Patrick Hryckiewicz

    I have to agree that studying in your own room can be very distracting. Whenever I’m in my room doing homework or studying, I’ve noticed that it’s very easy to put down the book and pick up my phone. I think that it is also better to study in the library because you are with other people who are studying, so it influences you to keep studying as well, instead of playing or your phone or computer. Dartmouth College recommends that students also adapt their studying habits by studying during the day and doing it in chunks instead of all at once.

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