Does the rate of ingestion affect your health?

Have you ever felt uncomfortably full after finishing your meals? Have you ever realized that you eat too much after eating all the food on the plates? To be honest, I have. My parents always tell me that it is unacceptable to waste food. Therefore, finishing all the food on my plate had become one of my habits today. However, during recent years, I have found that I always felt too full after the meals, no matter in a fast food restaurant or a fine dining restaurant. It seems that it always take some time for me to realize that I am already full.


Eating healthier has become one of the most important things that people pay attention to. However, it is also necessary to realize that our rate of ingestion can affect our health as well. The research indicated that as the stomach fills with food or water, the stretch receptors in the stomach will be activated and send signals though the vagus nerve, which connects gut and brainstem, to the brain. “Hormonal signals are released as partially digested food enters the small intestine. ” Besides, this research also claimed that this hormonal cross-talk system takes time to work, and as people eat too fast, this system may not have eat time to work. It means that people may not realize that they are already full when the eat too quickly. Therefore, people always feel uncomfortable after eating too quickly.


How fast we eat can actually cause obesity and thus affect our health. Nowadays, there are still a lot of people ignore doing exercise although they want to be healthier. Everyone says they are too busy to do exercise. Since they are too busy, they often try to minimize the time they spend on eating and having meals, thus, eat quickly. According to a previous Japanese research, wolfing down meals can actually double the possibility of being obese. One of the health problems that Americans are facing now is obesity. Eating too fast affects the way our stomachs work, and impose burdens to our stomach. This may bring further health problems in the future. According to the research, women aged between 40 and 50 who eat fastest had higher possibility to become obese than those who eat slowly. We cannot say that eating too fast is the only reason that causes obesity, but there are correlation between them.


Overall, it is really important to notice this problem, since it actually affect our health. It does not mean that eat slower can help us lose weight, however, eat too fast actually has a negative impact to our health.


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  1. pxw5127

    I thought this blog was super interesting. I never actually stopped to think that the reason we can feel so full after a meal is because we ate it too fast. I often have this problem. I eat my meals, and then after feel gross because I feel like I ate way too much. My brother has this problem as well. Maybe it is in our genes? If you were to go further with this topic, you could research why some people eat faster than others, and why some people who eat large quantitates in a short amount of time do not have obesity. I think the way food affects our body is super interesting, so I loved reading this blog. Thank you!

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