Beauty Products and Animal Testing

As a 19 year old female in college, I deal with cosmetic products first hand on a daily basis.  Most days I use these products without considering how or where they were made.  But recently I have been thinking about how the products are tested. Are they being tested on animals?  Are they eco-friendly? These are the questions that I have been considering in recent times

I started looking into it more, I found out that some of the products that I use on a daily basis are tested on animals and some are not.  Peta’s website has lists of companies where you can see if they are animal cruelty free or not.  You can see the list here.

I was glad to see that one of the brands of makeup that I use the most, Kat Von D, is completely cruelty free.

kat von d

An example of a Kat Von D product

It is becoming more and more popular to use eco-friendly products and products that are not tested on animals in society.  A report written by the Physicians Committee reported that a survey showed that 72 percent of Americans oppose testing cosmetics products on animals. The survey also tested the public’s knowledge of animal testing.  A total of 62 percent said that they were aware of the animal testing. 

To view Graphs that support this claim visit here

These graphs clearly show the trend that the majority of the population do not agree with animal testing.  It it easy to see the trend that people were more likely to use products that were not tested on animals.

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In conclusion, more people today are concerned about animal testing and are starting to become more aware of it.  I think it is something that  I want to focus more on when I buy beauty products and I definitely want to shy away from products that are tested on animals.