How do we get the color of our eyes?

People are always comparing their eye color, whether is the usual brown, unique green, or the rare blue. People always think that if they have the same eye color as someone, they have the exact same eye, but that is not true. No one in the world has identical eyes. Everyone’s eyes are different and have unique features that make them up.

When people are first born they have blue eyes, but that changes over time into other unique colors. Not until a child is three years old is their eye color fully developed. A person’s eye color is genetic, with brown as being dominant and blue eyes as recessive. A person’s eye color is made of up two very important things. The first is melanin. Melanin is a natural pigment that can make a person have either black or blue eyes. Melanin is also in our skin, which makes us have different tones. Rayleigh also impacts a person’s eye color. This is the dispersion of light. Wavelengths from the sky make a persons eye color noticeable. Everyone has a different amount of melanin in his or her eyes since it is based off the amount of sun exposure a person has acquired. There are a higher percentage of people with brown eyes close to their equator rather than in the north because melanin protects ultraviolet rays of light.

People have blue eyes when colorful wavelengths reflect on a white eye. People with blue eyes sometimes look like they have a different color when indoor because there is not as much wavelength. The most popular eye color, brown, is created because there is a high amount of melatonin in the front of the eye because the light reflected on the eye is absorbed. Hazel and green eyes have less melanin than brown with enough room to absorb blue color, making them lighter. Grey eyes are very unique because they don’t have any melanin but in its place have collagen, which is a protein. Everyone has blue eyes as518264147_c_570_411 a baby because we lack melanin when we are first born.

Eyes are all different and unique. Eye color can even show interesting things about people. For example, people with blue eyes all came from the black sea by an ancestor who lived ten thousand years ago. Our eye color is just another part of us that makes us all different.


3 thoughts on “How do we get the color of our eyes?

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Pettoruto

    I had no idea that everyone’s eye color was different! I have hazel eyes (my dad’s are brown and my mom’s are green) I just assumed this was the only reason. I did not know what each eye color means. I also had no idea that a person’s eye color took three years to develop! That is so interesting. I never really thought about eye color in general until I read this, and now I am very interested. Great post!

  2. Sarah Rose Peterson

    I knew that babies were always born with blue eyes, but I had no idea it took three years for their eye color to fully develop. I love that every person’s eye color is unique to them. My mom and I both have green eyes and my brother and my dad both have blue eyes. I have also heard of people having purple eyes due to a mutation of the genes.

  3. Aubree Sylvia Rader

    I have always wondered how people get their eye color, but never knew the answer to that question. I enjoyed reading your article for that reason. My dad, brother, and I have green eyes, while my mom’s eye color is blue. It also seems that the color of her eyes will change slightly depending on the day. I researched this fact a little more in depth after I read your post and I came across this interesting article from NY Times that you may enjoy (

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