Does An Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Polish-apple-exports         We’ve all heard the saying, and said it ourselves. An apple a day keeps the doctor away…But what does that mean? Our doctors always tell us to eat healthy, and apples are part of a large food group; fruit. I personally wonder why apple was the food of choice for this particular saying.

This aphorism first began in 1866, and was coined in 1931. Today, tests show that an apple a day really did not keep the doctor away, but an apple a day does benefit a person’s health, and can decrease a person’s visit to other health care services. An article on medical news today talks about a study that was given where, “Of the 8,399 participants who answered a questionnaire to recall their dietary intakes, 9% (753) were apple eaters and the remainder, 7,646, were non-apple eaters. The apple eaters showed higher educational attainment, were more likely to be from a racial or ethnic minority, and were less likely to smoke. The data for the analysis came from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted during 2007-08 and 2009-10.” Although there are many other foods that have the ability to increase one’s health, apples are truly beneficial in a diet.

There are multiple qualities within the human body that just eating an apple can improve. The Best Health Magazine website was very helpful when researching how beneficial apples can be, listing 15 benefits! The 15 benefits include:

  • Making your teeth whiter, just by biting into an apple.
  • Avoiding Alzheimer’s- eating an apple can increase a persons levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which contribute to the aging of the brain.
  • Protecting against Parkinson’s Disease- the amount of antioxidants and high fiber helps decrease the amount of breakdown of the brain’s dopamine-producing nerve cells.
  • Where there is no cure for cancer, apples can help! The article states that, “the consumption of flavonol-rich  apples could help reduce your risk of developing pancreatic cancer by up to 23 per cent. Researchers at Cornell University have identified several compounds—triterpenoids—in apple peel that have potent anti-growth activities against cancer cells in the liver, colon and breast. Their earlier research found that extracts from whole apples can reduce the number and size of mammary tumours in rats.”
  • Helps the risk of obtaining diabetes- apples are filled with soluble fibre which help with controlling blood sugar.
  • Reduces a person’s cholesterol- the soluble fibers in apples are also to thank for this.
  • Benefits heart health because of the lower cholesterol, dicreasns cholesterol-rich build up in the heart’s arteries.
  • Can prevent gallstones due to high fiber in apples.
  • All this fiber within apples can also decrease constipation, and even diarrhea.
  • Like the previous benefit, this high fiber can neutralize irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Help avoid hemorrhoids, another benefit of the fiber within apples.
  • On a diet? Eating an apple a day can control your weight because they fill you up while also tasting delicious due to the fiber as well!
  • The antioxidants found within apples can detoxify your liver.
  • The article mentions that, “Red apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin . Recent studies have found that quercetin can help boost and fortify your immune system, especially when you’re stressed out.
  • Last but not least, apples can decrease your chance of developing cataracts dut to the antioxidants.

04_Apples            So, an apple a day cannot completely keep the doctor away, but it can increase many qualities within your body!

8 thoughts on “Does An Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

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  2. Adrian Carlos Moscol

    Like everyone else, this blog caught my eye by the title and by the amount of times I have heard this phrase. There have been countless times that I have heard this and have even held it to some sort of truth to this day. Turns out the saying has some truth to it, as you found in you research, and as displayed in the facts acquired from Best Health Magazine. Additionally, I was interested by the study discussed in medical news today and did some follow up research. One of the studies I found discussing the health benefits of apples discussed the possible benefits of apples and cancer, as discussed in your blog, led me to research the matter a little further on dietary benefits and cancer. I found this interesting article on non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) and how healthy diary habits may positively benefit patients, which you may find informative.

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  4. Brooke Lytle

    I used to live my younger years on the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and would eat apples every day. It’s almost upsetting that apples do not keep the doctor away. It isn’t too surprising that apple eaters tend to be healthier though- but those are due to third variables instead of causation (correlation does not cause causation!). Some of the third variables like less likely to smoke just mean that the people that eat apples often just care more about their health, and therefore are more likely to not have to go to the doctor! Out of all the benefits you can reap from apples, I thought the most interesting was avoiding of Alzheimers. I would love to learn more about that!

  5. Kelly McDonnell

    These facts are so interesting. I had always heard that saying, but never really thought about it much at all. You bring up a really good point and all the facts you put are very informative. I never know how beneficial apples actually were. I’m really happy I love apples, because now I know all the good things they do for me! Some of these effects are really intense and seem crazy to think an apple could do all that. It’s cool to think about!

  6. Zachary Michael Barone

    Are apples healthier than the rest of the fruit population? I am sure you would find favorable results if you did similar research for any other fruit. Also, I was never sure if this was true, but a kid from my high school claimed he did not brush his teeth for a year because he ate apples. I never believed him, but this blog makes me think he might actually be for real.

  7. ska5221

    I’ve been hearing that phrase for as long as I can remember. I used to believe it too, yet I did not abide by it. I never used to eat fruits that often; however, since I’ve arrived at college I’ve felt more obligated to eat healthier. Apples are my goto when I’m attempting a healthier diet. All those benefits you listed will help me keep up the good habit of eating apples often.

  8. Connor James Scavina

    This blog caught my eye because i love apples. I always knew apples were healthy for you but i had no idea about all the positive health benefits an apple can provide. I found that apples can actually whiten your teeth the most interesting benefit. The fact that apples can also lower your cholesterol is another thing ill keep in mind once i get a little older. But for now I’m definitely gonna keep eating apples.

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