How Risky is a Tattoo?

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Tattoos are often thought of as fun and rebellious, however it is rare that people consider the danger a person could be risking when they get a tattoo. A tattoo is defined as a permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of pricking and ingraining an indelible pigment or by raising scars. That definition alone does not sound like a safe process so as a result I want to know if getting a tattoo is truly safe or if there are long-term, unpublicized problems that come with a tattoo.

The first major risk when getting a tattoo that all people must consider is the cleanliness of the tattoo parlor. Tattoo infections and complications can be the cause of the tattoo artist/studio or the ink. If a tattoo parlor does not sterilize properly bacteria and other infectious organisms can be transferred through the needles. Diseases, like AIDS, can possibly be contracted when just trying to get a tattoo to get a fun decoration on a person’s skin. The ink used for a tattoo is considered a cosmetic product and should be regulated by the FDA. Unfortunately, according to the Harvard Health Publications, since there is a lack of research and evidence of problems with tattoo ink and other focuses for health officials often the FDA does not enforce their authority on regulating color additives used in the ink. This means that health officials are not actively trying to prevent problems associated with tattoo ink that is up to health standards. The FDA will only pay attention if an actual problem is recorded.

The FDA lists the other risks that must be highlighted are allergies, scarring, granulomas, and MRI complications. Allergies may be overlooked when people get a tattoo and their reaction to the ink can cause varying responses and health problems. Scarring is a major issue because when a person is getting a tattoo they often do not think that Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.28.02 PMwhile healing the tattoo could develop scarred tissue that permanently changes the intended appearance of the tattoo. Granulomas are caused because ink is a foreign material that our bodies are made to fight off. As a result a person may develop small bumps around the tattoo. Finally it is possible that a tattoo may have a weird reaction when the person is in an MRI machine. A magnet powers MRI machines so while it is rare a tattoo could react to the magnetic field and swelling or burning occurs. I doubt any young adult getting a tattoo because it is exciting and rebellious realizes all these potential risks.

Tattoos are relatively safe and common in today’s society. Ultimately I believe that it is possible to avoid the risks that accompany a tattoo. Although I am sure that there are a very small number of people that are truly educated on all the risks that a person is taking by permanently marking their skin.


4 thoughts on “How Risky is a Tattoo?

  1. Jinghao Zhang

    personally, I’m fine with tattoo t is just a picture. It doesn’t define the person just a moment in time,
    and I really hope that people stop judging each other by the color of their hair or by tattoos on their skins.

  2. Maxim Cenziper Myers

    Very interesting post to read, as well as a captivating picture! It sure drew me in! I agree with a lot of your post, and I also believe that getting a tattoo has an immense part of how mature and responsible you are. I know first hand, someone who has had a tattoo and didn’t bother to take care of it because of how lazy he was. In the end it ended up getting a horrible infection under the skin, and to this day he has a scar! Crazy, right? One thing that struck me in your post, was the comment about AIDS being transferred through tattoos.. I couldn’t even imagine, but this post was good to put it into perspective for every just how cautious and well researched you need to be before you decide to get one of these permanent pieces on our bodies!

  3. Bowen Wang

    Great topic. One more risk for getting tattoo is it will be on your skin forever. I know it may be a minor issue compare to healthy and not a lot people with tattoo have that problem while couple of my friends with tattoo happen to be part of them. They told me that it is impossible to erase them so they just adds more or to change a little bit based on what they have before.
    The picture you chose it great as well. I happen to hear some stories about Zombie boy before. Rick Genest was diagnosed with brain tumor and was told only have 6 months to live. After spent some miserable times he decided to leave home and stayed at dumpsters. That disease totally changed him. At least he lives more than 6 months now even though I do not think tattoo is anything close to casual in his case. I wish this could be a way to express himself and could find more inside himself.

  4. Bowen Wang

    One more riskiness is that if you somehow want to take off the tattoo. I know it may be a minority for those who does not like the tattoo as much as the time they decide to put it on their skin but couple of my friends with tattoo does happen to have that kind of thought. Great work!!!
    I happens to hear about the Zombie Boy, Rick Genest. He is one of the most unique model maybe nowadays, maybe you can even call him crazy. He was diagnosed with brain tumor and were told that he only have 6 months to live and then chose this kind of life after leave his home. I hope this is a way for him to find out his spirt.

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