I was first introduced to the idea of numerology while watching a special on Dr. Phil. The guest of his show that day was a woman named Glynis McCants who specializes in the “science” of numbers. She is a celebrity numerologist who has published a book and is established as a celebrity numerologist. While watching, I was curious if there was factual evidence behind numerology or if it could be pass as pseudoscience.

Numerology began around 500 B.C. and is accredited to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who is known to have also created the Pythagorean theory in mathematics. Flash-forward a thousand years and we still recognize numerology as a possible science. It is considered a science because the predictions are based on vibrations. In the world of numerology, a vibration is associated with a particular object. Numerologists then interpret these vibrations to energies and reflect on the energies. To determine qualities in a person a numerologist will ask for their full name and birthdate (MMDDYYYY). They will then deduce the numbers until they are between 1-9. A numerologist will be able to determine from these numbers a thing called The Core. This is a person’s life path, expression, soul urge, and birthday. The life path is the most important derived from numbers; it is the characteristics and major lessons the subject must learn. Expression is the second most important and is where the subject learns of their talents. Soul urge is a person’s motivation and birthday is what a subject’s birthday means.

I’m not sure if I could consider numerology as a science still, or if I believe it would be able to accurately determine my fate or characteristics. The science of basing a person’s characteristics on vibrations that connect to numbers still perplexes me; but as I tested my numbers, I found that there were similarities behind their prediction of my characteristics and my actual characteristics.

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