changman xu how life will die on the Earth

How life will eventually die? It’s obvious that scientists are unable to answer this question correctly yet. Previous research shows that in about 5000000000 years, the sun will expand into a red giant will scorch the earth. But two new studies claimed not to be sun scorched the day, the earth will be with mercury and Mars impact and thorough destruction. The two studies were published in the Journal of the international solar system research and the Journal of astrophysics. These studies indicate that at least 40000000 years of the solar system’s planets will continue to run around the sun. Computer simulation results show that in the next 5000000000 years, the possibility of a deviation from the mercury orbit is 1% to 2%. This likely will be seriously break the balance of the inner solar system, eventually leading to a world catastrophe, earth and Venus or Mars collision, with the result that the earth into a lava ocean and all life on Earth destroyed. In one of the studies of the UC Santa Cruz, Gregory Laughlin said that when the earth and Mars, all life will be immediately destroyed. At the same time, another published research in the International Journal of solar system research, author of the Paris Observatory in France’s Jacques, Jacques Rascal was tried 1001 times solar system along with the time variation of the computer simulation. According to the current planetary observations of the degree of uncertainty, the initial state for each simulation LASCA are slightly different. It is found that the gravity of mercury in the orbit will continue to extend the probability of 1-2%, then the orbit of the “centrifugal rate” to reach 0.6 or more, which means that the running track is becoming more and more. This will lead to an increase in the interaction between mercury, Venus, Mars and the earth, making the whole solar system in a mess. Once the solar system is confused, the greatest impact is the planet Mercury and Mars, because their quality is only 6% and 11% of the earth. And the as the quality of the earth’s 82% planet, Venus moves more difficult. According to Laughlin’s simulation experiment, 1300000000 years after Mercury will make the solar system into chaos, after 82000000 years of Mars will be out of the solar system; and then over the next 40000000 years, mercury and Venus will collide. The emergence of a variety of disaster in Laughlin computer simulation is limited. But Laughlin said that the solar system also has many other divisions. In each case, the disasters are completely different. The most tragic possibility for the earth is the collision with mercury or mars.

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