Charlie Charlie are you there.

Earlier during the summer there was this game called charlie charlie. Its an old Mexican tradition  that has been around forever. Its basically a game where you basically try and summon this Mexican spirit named Charlie.

The way you play, is you take a piece of paper, fold it half and then make two lines with one going the vertical way and horizontal for the other.  Then you’ll write yes yes in the top left and bottom right, and no no in the opposite corners. Once that is done you grab two pencils and make a cross with them in the middle of the paper, but make sure they’re balanced. After all that is done you ask the question “charlie Charlie can we play?” If the answer is yes the top pencil moves to yes. Then you will ask it questions. If the answer is no, then you just repeat the question. To end the game you have to ask “Charlie Charlie can we stop?” If the answer is yes, break the pencils and burn the paper immediately, and all will be good.

Here’s an example of how its played by a famous YouTube star Miranda Sings.

Now there a few theories as to why this happens. One of the reasons that scientists came up with as to why this happens is becuase of  gravity. According to the website The Independent “With the Charlie Charlie game, however, nobody is actually touching the pencils. But they are still likely being pushed-the pencils have to be so finely balanced on top od each other that even the slightest movement from a breath or slightly tilted surface will push it around.”

This correlates to the second reasoning which is mind games. With Charlie Charlie game, when people who played ask “Charlie Charlie are you there?” in anticipation hoping something would happen and the pencils didn’t move they gave up. After a split second though, you look back and think you see that the pencils did move slightly into the yes. This is actually your brain playing tricks on you, just to make you believe the game actually worked.

After reading all this research, my thoughts on this is I don’t believe in the dead and that some spirit named Charlie all the way from Mexico, would play this game because some people wanted to see if  something would happen.

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  1. Emanuel Gabriel Mitchell

    I personally never played this game because it seemed that the reason the pencils were obvious, but I think other people know its due to gravity as well – they just trick themselves into thinking it’s supernatural things occurring for entertainment. Here’s an article that elaborates on why fear is fun.

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