Dog People vs. Cat People

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I’ve always wondered why certain people are dog people and why certain people are cat people. As myself being more of a dog person, I was curious whether being a dog or cat person depends on what type of personality you have. That’s why I’ve decided to write this blog.

A psychologist, Sam Gosling, at the University of Texas in Austin conducted an online study where 4,565 individuals were asked whether they were cat people, dog people, neither or both. Then that same group was given an assessment that measured them on the “Big Five” personality test. Here’s a link to the “Big Five” personality test where you can see what type of personality you have. “There is a widely held cultural beliefs that the pet species – dog or cat – with which a person has the strongest affinity says something about the individuals personality, and this research suggests there are significant differences on major personality traits between dog and cat people.” says Gosling. Looking at the research, cat owners are low in dominance. They come across as being more timid, shy, and unaggressive. Dog owners seem to be more extroverted (more sociable and interactive), whereas cat owners seem to be more introverted, less sociable and self contained. This may not always be the case but this is what is shown through the study.

A few characteristics that dogs have that dog people may be drawn to are:

  • Outgoing
  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Structured
  • Personable

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If you are a cat person you may be drawn to these characteristics that are common in cats.

  • Independence
  • Adaptability
  • Silly antics
  • Poise
  • Beauty

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3 thoughts on “Dog People vs. Cat People

  1. Kelsey Donehower

    I definitely am a dog lover. However, I love cats too. I just never had a cat in my house growing up, so it was hard to relate to cat-lovers. I think it is interesting how the dog’s personality matches with the owner’s. I think I can relate to both personalities, which is why I could have both as a pet. The only reason I didn’t have a cat was because of my parents allergies, but I think having a dog and a cat in the same house is awesome.

  2. btm5243

    First of all this blog made me miss my dog at home! In your first picture there is a golden retriever and that is the kind of dog that I have. Anyways back to the point, I thought that it was very clever and interesting of you to link certain personalities with loving dogs or cats. I never thought about it that way and it was cool for me to come across your blog and learn this. As for me I am definitely a dog lover, but I think cats are cute as well. It is also cool to now think about my friends and to think about the ones who own cats and the ones who own dogs and see if their personalities match! Very cool blog.

  3. Alexandra Carley Spanier

    I had no idea that personalities go with different animals. This article really caught my eye. When I took the test I found out that I am a dog person. I really relate to the article because half my family is HUGE dog lovers while the other half of my family is cat lovers. When I look at both sides the dog lovers are the ones who are really loud and always making conversation. The other side of my family is more quiet and tamed, and those are the ones with cats. I think it would be interesting to look at other animals and peoples relationships with them. I also think it would be interesting to do a test based on the animals.For example, take cats and dogs and see what type of people they seem to match best with based on their emotion: outgoing or shy people?

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