Dogs bark, but why?


Dogs, also known as man’s best friend are owned by forty-seven percent of American households. They’re always trying to play and barking but do we actually know what our pets our trying to communicate to us? There’s many different things they’re trying to say but we’ll split up into six different categories.



Sable Border Collie sitting and howling.



Although you may think of them as just pets, they think of you as their best friends and care givers. If they need anything they’re going to look for you to provide it. This is what causes them to bark for attention. When they need a meal, need to use the bathroom, want to play outside, or just want some love they’ll bark to get it.


As such friendly playful animals dogs tend to get very excited easily. They’re always down for a walk, chasing a stick or a good game of tug of war. Dogs will start to recognize keys words that go along with those activities and when they here them they start to bark out of excitement until they get what they want. Also when they see a familiar face they get very excited leading to barking.


A stormy night might cause your dog to shiver and hide under the table. After every boom that comes with the lighting they might let out a big howl, this is due to their fear. Like humans, dogs are also capable of being afraid. Multiple things may cause their fear such as inmate objects, certain people, and loud objects like mentioned above. The fear they posse will lead to give out a big howl. This bark can also be distinguished since the dogs ears will be back and his tail low.


Dogs are known for their protective instincts and are very territorial. When an intruder encounters their territory the dog will often bark in attempt to scare them away. You can tell when the dog is in a protective state since they’ll have their head perched up and their ears up to the sky.

Health Issues:

Two health issues also can cause a dog to bark. One is Canine Cognitive Disease, this disease is very similar to dementia for humans. The other is deafness which dogs tend to suffer from as they grow with age. These two health issues cause the dog to bark because they can longer hear themselves doing it.

5 thoughts on “Dogs bark, but why?

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  2. Samantha Marie Grillo

    I enjoy reading the different articles about dogs, and I was surprised to learn from yours that one of the reasons why dogs bark can be due to health issues; I also didn’t know that dogs could get a disease similar to dementia. I also think it’s fascinating that dogs have different barks for different situations.

  3. Jonathan Solimano

    I have two dogs, and I have always wished I could hear what they are trying to say when they look at me and bark/moan. They have a very interesting way of communicating with us, and I think it is a very interesting topic to write about. Throughout the years, my dogs and I have come up with little ways of communicating, one being they sit by the door and cry if they have to use the bathroom. I think it is interesting when your post talks about all the emotions they could be trying to express to us.

  4. Philip Littleton

    Your evidence makes sense to why dogs bark so much. I have always wondered whether barking was their form of communication or just a way to make themselves be heard. According to this study, different bark pitches and consecutive barking means certain things

  5. Mitchell Seth Korzen

    I have myself wondered this ever since I had a dog. What does their bark signify? Are they trying tell us something or do they just want attention? The reasons you listed make perfect sense of why dogs would bark. The attention and being hurt ones are definitely the most common ones for both are needs. Dogs are very smart as they can communicate with us in a completely different way than anyone else. Maybe there is more to a dog’ s bark that we don’t know about.

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